The Nintendo Labo stuff is weird and…intriguing???

Nintendo had teased an announcement about a new game/peripheral aimed at kids and kids at heart.  What we got was the Nintendo Labo.

When I heard people describing it, I thought it sounded incredibly odd, but whatever.  I’m not a kid.  Things can be not for me, and that’s fine.  But then I watched the video, and I’m intrigued.  In a nutshell, there’s a game, and a cardboard kit to construct something to use to interact with the game.  The motion is gauged by the IR camera that is in the bottom of the right joy-con.  So for instance, there is a piano that can be constructed, and with where the joy-con is placed, the camera can tell which key is being pressed.

I find the whole thing interesting.  Not sure it is something I will get, but it is definitely something new and innovative.  Reminds me of why I always stick with Nintendo.


The Flash – “The Trial of The Flash”

The Flash returns from its mid-season break with Barry Allen on trial for the murder of Clifford Devoe.  For the first time since becoming The Flash, Barry has decided that this problem could not be solved by running.  He would just have to face this issue head on.  This episode really takes place as two separate stories.  The first is of course the trial of Barry Allen for the murder of Clifford Devoe, in which may be the fastest murder trial in the history of murder trials.  I guess that’s fitting.  The other is the villain of the week, Fallout, who is a radioactive man that is pretty oblivious to the fact that he’s a radioactive man, and is just trying to live his life.


Black Lightning – “The Resurrection”

I don’t know if I have ever really read a comic in which Black Lightning was a featured character.  So, I really didn’t know what to expect from this show.  The trailers looked interesting to me.  I like all the other DC stuff on CW, so my hopes and anticipation were high for this premiere.

Black Lightning

This first episode had a great bit of world building in it.  It had been 9 years since Jefferson Pierce had last suited up as Black Lightning.  Initially he had retired because his wife (maybe?) did not want him to continue that life after he returned home one night beaten and bloody, and one of their daughters saw it.  Apparently, Tobias Whale was the one that had delivered that beating, because he assumes that Black Lightning is dead.  (more…)

Dark Nights: Batman The Devastator

Batman the Devastator coverDC’s Dark Nights event continues with Batman the Devastator, written by Frank Tieri and James Tynion, art by Tony S. Daniel, Daniel Miki, and Tomeu Morey.  With the previous 5 of the Dark Batmen, they have taken on the powers of other Justice League members.  Things are a bit different with the final two.  Here, The Devastator doesn’t take on the powers of Superman.  Rather, he has infected himself with the Doomsday virus.  The timing of the issue jumps around a bit.  It starts with shortly after the events of Flash #33, which part 1 of the “Bats Out of Hell” story line.  It then goes to yesterday on Earth-0, then the past on Earth -1, then back to yesterday, and ending up today.  I’ll tell the tale in chronological order for simplicity.  (more…)

Krypton trailer

Now, I’m generally accepting of all types of adaptations.  I’m not one that demands adherence to a set of minor details, so long as the big details are correct.  I have watched, and enjoyed, Gotham from the beginning, even though there are very few similarities between it and the source material that I so dearly love.  That being said, even I laughed at the idea of doing a show set on Krypton that would feature Superman’s grandfather.

Honestly, since the initial news that someone was looking at developing the show, I had kind of forgotten about it.  Put it out of my mind as something so ridiculous it would never get done.  But lo and behold, the show is in fact real.  It will premiere on the Syfy channel in March, and now there is a trailer to judge.


Supergirl – “Legion of Superheroes”

Supergirl returns from its mid-season with break with the episode “Legion of Superheroes.”  In the mid-season finale, Supergirl was savagely beaten by Reign, and left in a coma.  How would…wait, did that title say “Legion of Superheroes?”  Holy #%&@, there actually going full Legion already?  We don’t have to wait until near the end of the season for what they’ve been teasing?  Awesome.

The episode begins with the introduction of Brainiac-5.  A very hideous looking version of Brainiac-5.  Seriously, it’s pretty bad.  And Brainiac-5 has a pretty basic look to him.  Hopefully, they’ll transition to more of his traditional look.  The show needed to establish who Brainiac-5 was quickly.  It seems that they are not nearly done introducing new heroes and villains this season, so there is a small window to establish people before moving on.

Supergirl Brainiac-5


This Week In Spider-Man – 1/10/2018

This week I’m covering Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #26, which I’m honestly still trying to process and Venom #160, in which we try to remember who has what symbiote. So if you’re like me and you’re wondering why Deadpool has a long grey beard & Spider-Man’s in a wheelchair, let’s go find out!