New Comic Day 11/27/06

I missed New Comic Day last week due to being home for Thanksgiving…as well as being tired, sick, and owning a hatred of city-style traffic. Long story short, I picked up my books today and here we go!

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #24
by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson
The Legion comes back and defeats the imposters with the help of Supergirl’s ability to read Kryptonese. The Legion decides to help the figure they saw in the Phantom Zone, a being named Mon-El, but in the process also decide not to leave Supergirl on Rokyn, as had been the original plan. As Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl attempt to help Mon-El, they discover the villains they had been fighting are holed up in the Phantom Zone as well.
Jacob’s Grade: B+

The Walking Dead #32
by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard
A guard moves forward with the plan to help Rick escape, and he finds that Glenn has stuck around to help out. They free Michone, but she has revenge on her mind and goes to find the Governor. The others, including the town’s doctor and nurse, move forward with their escape plan.
Jacob’s Grade: A

Ultimate Spider-Man #102
The girl in the spider suit frees Peter from Nick Fury’s custody and takes him to where she believes Mary Jane to be held, all while explaining the whole clone situation as she is aware of it. They arrive at the destroyed Oscorp Labs to find a transformed MJ rampaging, only changing back when Peter begins talking to her. As little is explained, a unexpected face shows up to add further mystery to the plot.
Jacob’s Grade: B

X-Factor #13
At Jamie’s request, X-Factor sits down for one-on-one visits with Doc Sampson to get a handle on recent occurances. Strong Guy talks about being forced to kill in cold blood, Siryn holds onto her denial of Banshee’s death, Layla talks about the burden of her abilities, Monet shares her fear of what her brother had done to her, Rictor laments over the loss of his powers, and Wolfsbane reflects on the vision she had in the fight against Singularity. And at Sampson’s request, Jamie tells Monet the truth about the “nighttime encounter” they had and subsequently gets thrown through a window.
Jacob’s Grade: A

Final Thoughts
A strong week for my books. Had I known they were going to be this good, I wouldn’t have waited to buy them. Legion did a good job of welcoming Supergirl into the ranks of the team, instead of just throwing her in and having everyone peachy keen on the idea. That, and the introduction of Mon-El is definitely exciting news. Walking Dead continues its excellent storytelling, with the build-up to the climactic encounter between Michone and the Governor leaving me going “Awwwww!” when the story ended. Ultimate Spidey turned it up a notch this month as they actually cleared up the zaniness that had been going on over the past few weeks. No menti0n of Ben Parker or Aunt May’s condition, but enough little bits to keep the book good for a change (as of late, that is). X-Factor’s rehash of the popular story from the early 90s run of the team was an excellent way to better characterize the team. It makes them much more likable, and much more human. Though none of them being exactly “A-list” characters (as one letter in the letters page bluntly puts it), they are old favorites and work together quite well in this setting.

Well, that’s it for today. In two short days we’ll be seeing Teen Titans #41 and X-Men #193. The jury’s still out on whether I will be buying Onslaught: Reborn #1, but with Rob Liefeld doing art, I’m leaning quite heavily towards no.


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