Top and Bottom of the Pile 6-27-07

TOP: X-Men First Class #1
Take the creators of an excellent mini series that they obviously loved creating and tell them that they can do it in an ongoing and you have the first issue of the ongoing X-Men First Class. Everything that was great about the mini series is still here, and the story remained self-contained, which nudges it over the cliffhanger endings of Cable/Deadpool #43 and X-Men #200. This was just a fun story, which I hope will remain the tradition of this title.

BOTTOM: Teen Titans #48
So I get that they want to debut the new creative team with issue 50, but that means three issues have to fill time with lame crossover events. Without any kind of synopsis of what Amazons Attack is about, it’s hard to get into this story. It’s also tough that the Titans play background characters, and several members of the team don’t even show up. I have a feeling the follow up issue will end up on this side of the list as well.

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