Top and Bottom of the Pile: 7-25-2007

TOP: Mighty Avengers #4
It’s been a while since we last saw Mighty Avengers, and I can’t really say that it’s been worth the wait, but there’s a few things that this issue does to make its way to the top of the pile. For one, this marks the first time since issue 1 that the team does something besides stare at Ultron. Seriously, you could skip from the end of the first issue to this point and you’d only be scratching your head about one, maybe two things. Also, the surprise ending leaves the next issue quite appealing, as well as wondering where World War Hulk fits into all this. Finally, Ares using the bottom half of Iron Man armor to replace his destroyed gun is priceless. Fun read.

BOTTOM: Immortal Iron Fist #7
EDIT: After going back and reading the story, I somehow completely missed out on the context of the story. This was completely fitting with a character introduced in the first story, but still remains in this section because it breaks the momentum of the story. Damn.

Rest of the Pile: Cable & Deadpool #43, Supergirl & the Legion of Super-Heroes #32, Teen Titans #49, Walking Dead #39, X-Men #201, X-Men: First Class #2


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