Some titles just won’t stay dead.

Remember back in 1992 when the first wave of Image books debuted? I saw Youngblood for the first time, and I thought it was awesome. Nevermind that it had the artwork of Rob Liefeld, several characters that looked like rip-offs of existing characters (like nobody noticed the similarities between Cable and Battlestone:

The title, like many of Image’s early books, was plagued with mediocre stories, ridiculous amounts of action, underdeveloped characters, and heavy delays in release. The title made it 10 issues, with a spin-off inexplicably putting out double that number. Since then, the book has seen numerous attempted revivals, none of which making it to issue 15. Actually, most of them didn’t make it to issue 3. With so many aborted revivals, it was almost impossible to keep up with the characters, the plot, and pretty much anything else needed to keep a franchise afloat.

So, of course, they’re going to try again.

Written by Joe Casey and drawn by Derec Donovan, we’re going to be treated to yet another Youngblood relaunch to see if this time they can make it consistent. The funny thing is that Youngblood’s past is so messed up, Casey has said that they’re going to go forward without trying to deal with the past. If they can make it work – good for them. I thought Youngblood was cool when it first came out – but of course, I was 10.

I’m not sure Youngblood’s going to have enough of a fan base to make it for any significant period. It’s had so many misfires over the years, this one may quietly fade, and take with it the legacy of Youngblood. It’s about nine years overdue.

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