Casey’s Top and Bottom of the Pile: 8-22-07

TOP: Wolverine #56
This book gets top of the pile honors this week for simply being a breath of fresh air after writer Jeph Loeb’s lackluster, continuity error laden, and often boring six-issue run. New writer Jason Aaron tells a decent story, but it doesn’t really matter since he’s only filling in on this one issue before Marc Guggenheim returns. Howard Chaykin’s art is solid, though not as pretty as Simone Bianchi’s. His style fits the tone of the book, so it’s a good thing he’ll be sticking around to work with Guggenheim. Here’s hoping Wolverine can get back on track.

BOTTOM: The Sensational Spider-Man #40

This wasn’t a bad issue, it just felt like filler until the big One More Day event kicks off next month. We get a flashback to Spidey’s origin and some of the bigger moments in his life. He then has a chat with “god” who tells him that what he does makes a difference in the world. With this being the last issue before the final issue of the series it seems like a missed opportunity. Cover artist Clayton Crain does the interiors on this one and the whole thing is absolutely beautiful. I really hope Marvel keeps him around for more Spider-Man work on the new Amazing Spider-Man.

The Rest of the Pile: The Amazing Spider-Man #543, Countdown #36, Ultimate Fantastic Four #45, Invincible #45, The Walking Dead #40


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