Book of the Week – 10/10/07

Booster Gold #3; rating 4 out of 5

Booster Gold and Skeets continue their mission of protecting the timeline. This week, they find themselves in the 1800s, in the company of the gunfighter Jonah Hex, protecting Superman. Someone is trying to alter the history of Jonathan Kent, so that him and Martha are not around to find the baby Kal-El. Another problem at hand is that someone has stolen the Supernova suit from Daniel Carter.

Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz did a fine job with the script. But then again, when Johns’ name is on the book, the quality of the story is never really in question. The pacing of the story makes it a quick read. The dialogue moves nicely, and exchanges between characters is always enhancing the relationship between them.

Dan Jurgens artwork does nice job of adding to the story. The facial expressions just enhance what the characters are saying.

Rest of what I read:

Superman #668 by Kurt Busiek and Rick Leonardi; 3 out of 5; “The Third Kryptonian” story starts of with an adequate issue, setting up the rest of the story.

Countdown #29 by Adam Beechen and Manuel Garcia; 3 out of 5; Finally, Countdown seems to be going somewhere with this issue, which is much better than the last few.


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