The Countdown Countdown

I mentioned in a previous post that I would only be giving DC’s Countdown four more weeks to convince me to keep reading. For those four issues, I’ll be posting a special review of them that I’m calling The Countdown Countdown. Enjoy.

Three More Weeks…

Let’s see…a lot of other stuff has gone on with this series’ characters since the last issue, so I’m kind of at a loss for some of it… I can barely handle the excitement when Jimmy Olsen teams up with the Newsboy Legion, who claim that they recognized “their old pal” Jimmy as Mr. Action even though his costume features a mask. I’m only bringing that up because it makes Olsen and everyone else look like an idiot for not picking up on Superman’s secret identity when his costume is a pair of glasses…Piper & Trickster wanted for murder of one of the world’s most beloved heroes, waltz into a diner during the day, in costume and claim to have passed themselves off as singing telegram guys…The Jokester dies after serving his purpose of, um, well nothing really. He was just sort of there to crack wise for a couple weeks.

Not only did nothing substantial happen, but the book was filled with enough flawed internal logic to choke an elephant. Better luck next week.


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