The Weekly Pile

Top of the Pile: Green Arrow/Black Canary #1

My favorite book this week wasn’t even on my list when I went to the comic shop. I collect somewhere around eighteen books a month and only three of them (not counting Countdown, which I’ll address in another post) are published by DC. Two others are published by Image, the rest by Marvel. I’d been meaning to address this disparity, wanting to read more DC but I had no idea where to turn. I considered Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern but the fact that they’re all far into their current titles was a bit intimidating. I like to start at the beginning, and I’m a bit of a completist. I wanted something I could jump right on and didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg for back issues if necessary. I’d always liked Green Arrow, and when I saw a #1 with his name on it I thought I’d give it a shot. I couldn’t be more glad I did. Writer Judd Winick and artist Cliff Chiang won me over and DC earns another spot on my list.

The Rest of the Pile
Booster Gold #3– As confusing as the may be, I love time travel stories. And I love Booster Gold, so this book’s always enjoyable.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24– Part two of One More Day. It seems like they’re building toward some huge deus ex machina to undo the tragedy of Aunt May and somehow affect Peter & MJ’s marriage. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

New Avengers #35– An inside look at the Hood’s new criminal organization. Not much of the Avengers, though.

Punisher: War Journal #12– Frank protects the innocent citizens of a New York neighborhood from a rogue soldier from the Hulk’s army.

Wolverine #58– This story is leaning more toward the mystic, which failed so spectacularly with Jeph Loeb’s Evolution. Why can’t we just just get a good Wolverine story where he plays Dirty Harry and slaughters the bad guys? I guess that’d be too simple.


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