Countdown Advice

Unlike my distinguished colleague here at Comicdom Wrecks, I am enjoying the series. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it should not have been done, but I’m not gonna stop buying it. Being a weekly series, it is getting compared to 52, but this is an unfair comparison. 52 was a stand alone series, that anyone could pick up and read. Countdown is not. Countdown was not advertised as such. It was advertised as the “spine” of the DCU, meaning that it was going to tie-in to everything. With that being said, there are 3 ways for someone to enjoy Countdown.

1) Buy every book DC puts out. This the most expensive and time-consuming of the ways to enjoy Countdown. If you buy everything, then you are guaranteed of not missing anything.

2) Find spoilers for the tie-in books. Somewhere, someone online is putting up spoilers for what has happened in the tie-in books. It should be DC, but unfortunately, they are not. Not sure why. They did it for Countdown to Infinite Crisis, and Infinite Crisis. But the message boards on DC’s site probably have something. Or there’s always Wikipedia.

3) Just accept it. By “just accept it,” I mean that just accept that there are a ton of books that are connected to Countdown, and accept that what has happened between issues has happened.

Now, if you can’t do any of these 3, then just don’t read Countdown. All it will bring you is frustration.

One comment

  1. How can a 52-part <>weekly<> series need guides to tie-ins? Isn’t that the entire point of doing so many issues – to include everything?<>52<> showed that the weekly year-long could work. <>Countdown<> proves that it should not be exploited. God help us when the hinted-at third one starts. Surely they don’t have to run in it another 52 issues. 12 (3 months) would be fine.


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