The Weekly Pile

Top of the Pile: Mighty Avengers #5

It’s a shame this book has been so delayed. With the extended periods between issues it’s hard to keep up any kind of storytelling pace. The most you can hope for, aside from the creators getting their asses in gear and putting the book out on time, is that the issue is good when it does come out. Mighty Avengers comes through in that department.

Bendis’ decent drama and snappy dialog always make his books an entertaining read. His use of random thought bubbles is a great way to give an extra dimension to the characters without having to delve into a lot of expository writing. Frank Cho’s art continues to look fantastic and it’s sad to know he’s the reason the book’s so delayed.

The Rest of the Pile

Captain America #31 – This book was very close to being the Top this week. Ed Brubaker continues to craft a compelling story even though the title character’s been dead for more than six months.

Captain America: The Chosen #3 – Continuing the story of an aging Cap searching for his replacement.

Countdown #28 – See this week’s Countdown Countdown

JLA #14 – The Injustice League, a large gathering of villains who seem to have gotten together just to get together. This may sound weird, but it reads more like a cartoon than a comic book.

Marvel Zombies 2 #1 – Nothing special here, just the same gory fun as the first series. Robert Kirkman continues to be one of my favorite writers.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #47 – I’m torn about this book. It hasn’t been bad, it just hasn’t been interesting.

Wolverine: Origins #18 – Wolverine fights Nazis with Captain America, Bucky, and a young Nick Fury.


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