The Weekly Pile

Top of the Pile: Daredevil #101

This book is like Law & Order with a superhero as the main character. The two sides of the book (the stuff in the courtroom and the stuff in the tights) go together so well because Matt Murdock has a strong desire to live both sides of his life. It’s not like Batman, where Bruce Wayne is just a public face he puts on. Both characters seem real and substantial. You can chalk all that up to Ed Brubaker being one of the best writers in comics today.

The Rest of the Pile

Countdown #27 – See The Countdown Countdown

Ultimate Spider-Man #115 – As much as Mark Bagley became synonymous with this book after one hundred and ten consecutive issues, I gotta say I like Stuart Immonen’s work even more.

Walking Dead #43 – After last month’s issue set the stage for the confrontation between the survivors and the people from Woodbury, it seemed kind of a let down for this to be a fill-in issue that didn’t advance the story. But that’s not to say that this issue was bad. It gave some excellent backstory for The Governor, one of the post despicable villains to come along in years.

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