The Weekly Pile (Jacob)

Top of the Pile: Green Arrow/Black Canary #2

The rest of this week’s titles may feel cheated, and they have every right to feel so. For some reason, my comic shop did not get this issue when it was due out last week, so I had to wait a week to get it. Long story short, I finally got it and it takes top honors this week. If you’re looking for a Messiah CompleX story, perhaps you should try my main blog, Graymalkin Lane. (Cheap plug)

I’m very happy that Judd Winick decided not stretch out the mystery of Ollie’s “death” and went head first into the crazy action of the rescue. This is the kind of ridiculous action/adventure that you’d see in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie – and it works perfectly here. The four main GA characters (Ollie, Connor, Dinah and Mia) all get plenty of face time here, and their roles are all done perfectly to not feel that they were shoved in for no reason. The book is hilarious, action packed, and very, very good. This is what I wanted when I decided to buy this book.

The Rest of the Pile

New X-Men #44 – Part four of Messiah CompleX. Check Graymalkin Lane for my thoughts on it.

The Walking Dead #44 – The Governor’s attack begins, with casualties on both sides.

X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #3 (of 5) – An uneasy truce is made between Vulcan and Havok – but the threat is a lot bigger than either think.

Powers #27 – As the victims rise, an unexpected former ally returns with a personal stake in the investigation. Also, Deena makes her own move to assist.


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