Messiah Complex – Almost there!

We’re a week and a day away from the finale of Messiah CompleX and one day from what is usually the climactic chapter of such a storyline. So where are we?


  • Killed by Layla Miller in the future, Madrox’s consciousness returns to his prime form and reveals to Cyclops’ group (Emma Frost, Iceman, X-Factor) that Bishop is the traitor.
  • Bishop, meanwhile, is with an unsuspecting X-Force (Wolverine, Wolfsbane, Warpath, X-23, Hepzibah) in assaulting the Marauders on Muir Island, trying to reclaim the baby.
  • An injured Cable has enlisted the aid of Professor X, and the two are also headed to Muir Island.
  • Predator X has come to the Institute and face-to-face with the remaining members of the New X-Men.
  • Mystique and Gambit have taken control of the baby and, apparently unbeknownst to the other Marauders, have seemingly done away with Sinister.

So there’s the present leading into tomorrow’s New X-Men #46. Knowing writers Chris Yost and Craig Kyle, I’d say at least one person will be dead and gone before the issue’s done. So who’s gone down so far? Here’s the casualty list:

  • Blockbuster (Marauders) – Killed by Purifiers on the initial move for the baby.
  • Prism (Marauders) – Killed with Blockbuster.
  • Hellion (New X-Men) – Skewered by Lady Deathstrike, in critical condition.
  • Pixie (New X-Men) – Injured in a blind teleport.
  • Nightcrawler (X-Men) – Shot by Scalphunter, in serious condition.
  • O*N*E Sentinel Pilots – Transformed into Sentinel-hybrids, apparently killed.
  • Elixir (New X-Men) – Injured by debris in the Sentinel attack, unconscious.
  • Peepers (unaffiliated) – Devoured by Predator X.
  • Caliban (X-Men) – Killed by shots from a Reaver.
  • Lady Deathstrike (Reavers) – Killed by X-23.
  • Forge (unaffiliated) – Injured by Bishop.
  • Sinister (Marauders) – Taken down by Mystique, possibly killed.
  • Lady Mastermind (Marauders) – Skewered by Wolverine, possibly killed.

That’s stacking up pretty nicely, huh? I was going to write a list of hits and misses thus far, but I think I’ll wait a week and give the final wrap-up after the last issue comes out. See you then!


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