Five points to think about:

Here are five quick thoughts off of my head to spur some thought in yours.

  1. The Iron Man movie will not be big enough to launch a second series and countless minis.
  2. Wonder Woman needs a costume change. Sure, her look is iconic but the character would benefit from having a more conservative outfit in the “world of men”.
  3. At least one Wolverine series will be cancelled within a year. My money’s on First Class.
  4. One of the three new X-Books (Young X-Men, X-Force, Cable) will not make it to issue #20.
  5. People have gotten over One More Day well before Casey’s countdown has finished.


  1. -Iron Man already has second series in the works. The Invincible Iron Man #1 hits in May. If the movie will be popular enough to boost interest and sales for the character, I don’t know.-If I had to pick, I’d say Origins would be the one to go.– The countdown was finished today. The fervor has quieted down a bit. BND being decent helped that. But it doesn’t make OMD any better. People got over Jeph Loeb’s Wolverine story pretty quickly but that doesn’t make it any less of a steaming pile of crap.


  2. I am aware of Iron Man’s second series – hence the point.If I were to keep any Wolverine book, it would be Origins. It’s the only one that seems to have a purpose.


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