Wolverine and the X-Men

For a while now, talk has been going on about a new X-Men animated series called Wolverine and the X-Men. While the title didn’t impress me, I liked the preview images that had the characters in their more recent costumes, rather than original designs seen in X-Men: Evolution.

I hadn’t heard anything about the series for some time, until I stumbled across the news on Newsarama that Marvel is getting sued by the band Foo Fighters for rather stupidly using their music in the show’s trailer without permission. Of course, my reaction was “There’s a trailer? Sweet!” So even though YouTube had apparently pulled the video, someone had reposted it, and I got a look at this series – and it looks pretty good.

The theme seems to be following the storyline of X-Men: Evolution as the animation style and characterization seems to have the same feel. Of course, this is just supposition on my part, but where the characters are at this point, and what characters are being used makes it seem like it’s a “10 years later” type of story. And I’m cool with that – Evolution was a very enjoyable show and it would be nice to see some animated consistancy in storylines (much like DC’s animated line – from Batman to Superman to Justice League). It would be nice to not start a whole new X-Men animated continuity for the third time.

The trailer also shows obvious movie references, though I doubt this is a continuation of the movies (Iceman’s parents find out he’s a mutant in the trailer). The designs for Iceman’s family is obviously movie-based, as is the representation of Pyro’s power (of course, that may have held true in Evolution – I can’t remember).

So even though we’re apparently still some time away from the series’ debut, I’m very much looking forward to it. There’s nothing like a cartoon based on a comic to show how much of a nerd I truly am – as I write in a blog about comics.


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