Why I Don’t Like Reviews

Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, and everyone has the freedom to express their opinion. The Interweb has given anyone with a computer and internet connection, like myself, the ability to get that opinion out there. I do not have a problem with this. What does annoy me is when people take their opinions too seriously, and consider it the definitive judgment on a book.

When reading a review on popular websites such as Newsarama, or Comic Book Resources, I often find that I disagree with what the reviewer thinks. The words “good” and “bad” should not be used, unless preceded by “I think.” One person does not have the authority to stamp something as good or bad. It takes a collective consensus to pass this judgment. Unfortunately, a few voices that are louder than others, are shaping this consensus with their reviews.

There are times when it seems like they do not like any comics they read. Which makes me ask, why are you reading comics? Others only like indie comics, and think that anything produced by DC or Marvel is crap. While the reviewers think what they like is good, others may not. Everyone’s tastes in comics are different, and this should be remembered. If you do not like something, or it just does not work for you, say so. But do not confuse like and dislike with good and bad. Remember, you are just one reader out of hundreds and thousands.


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