Runaways/Young Avengers

J.R. brought this interview to my attention, with writer Chris Yost talking about his plans for the upcoming Secret Invasion tie-in featuring the second crossover between Young Avengers and Runaways (the first happening in Civil War, which I have yet to read). When he sent me the link, he included the message “You could probably start a pool on who, and how many people die.”

J.R. is well aware of my distaste of the constant deaths that defined Yost and Craig Kyle’s run on New X-Men, as well as of how quickly I decided to drop X-Force. However, Young Avengers and Runaways are two franchises that Yost can’t really do too much with. As the interview said, it was originally supposed to be a Runaways story and it eventually got the Young Avengers added to it. That means it’s not going to be important. It’s there if you like the characters, but nothing else is really going to matter in it.

So after giving it thought, I don’t think anyone’s going to be kicking off in it, and though I love the New Avengers, I’m a bit hesitant on getting the issue. After all, I still have a bit of the bitter taste that X-Men: Emperor Vulcan left in my mouth.


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