And it starts

Don’t say I wasn’t optimistic of the ability of Fantastic Four to stay on schedule. So sure, creators Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch weren’t exactly reknowned for their ability to put out Ultimates in a timely matter, but this is Fantastic Four! One of Marvel’s big books!

Okay, so I actually wasn’t too optimistic – so when I saw that issue #557 has slipped a week, I chuckled a bit. Let’s see how close of a schedule they can keep.

Other books I collect seem to be having some scheduling woes as well. Criminal has been pushed back from the end of April to the beginning of June (not its first slide), and I’m not even going to go into Giant Size Astonishing X-Men. It’s still solicited for May 28th. Let’s see if that happens.

What surprised me was that the Powers Encyclopedia seemed to have been pushed up a month, from July 5th to June 4th. Then I realized the July 5th date was 2007. Whoops.

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