When you put it that way it sounds like a lot…

While organizing my boxes today I became curious as to just how many comics I owned. I didn’t feel like counting them all, so I counted what was in one box and took that as an average of what was in the other three. Count in the 247 comics waiting for a new box and that means my collection totals about 1500 books. I only started seriously collecting about four years ago. I haven’t bought any hugely expensive back issues, so if you figure the average price I’ve spent on an issue is $3 then that means I’m spending over $1000 a year on comics. That averages out to about $90 a month. Considering the twenty one monthly titles (one of which comes out three times a month, another substantially less than monthly) and three mini-series I’m collecting now, that’s about right. Nobody said collecting comics would be a cheap hobby.

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