Breathe something into the Sentry, please

If you’re not an Avengers reader, you may not be familiar with the Sentry. The idea came as a gag from Marvel with some help from Wizard introducing him as a long-lost Stan Lee creation. With the hoax revealed, a mini-series was launched and the Sentry was brought into the mainstream Marvel Universe (I hate the term 616) at the beginning of New Avengers.

The basic gist is that he’s basically Marvel’s Superman, except he’s bat-shit crazy.

At first it was interesting, but since his defining story in which it was revealed why no one remembered him, he’s become quite stale. His craziness keeps him out of action for most of a story and then he shows up at the end to handle things. If you’ll forgive the reference, it’s kind of like watching a storyline in Dragonball Z – you just wait around until Goku eventually shows up and wins.

Until, that is, I read this week’s Mighty Avengers #14. I had thought that the Skrulls had simply pulled the obligatory ‘get Sentry out of the fight so he doesn’t win in four seconds’ move in Secret Invasion #2, but it’s becoming an interesting story to further the full aspect of the character. I’m not going to spoil what happened, but if you’re familiar with the Sentry and his nemesis the Void, you might just be fascinated with these occurrences.


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