Is Titans really that big a franchise?

As far as needless title launches go, I had to give it to DC with Titans – an ongoing with the old-school Titans joining together for no particular reason. Not a lot of setup – just a Titans: East teaser and there you have it!

My problem with this book (and why I decided not to add it to my list) was because the book really doesn’t seem to matter. Nightwing is busy in his own book and in the Batman world. A big part of Flash’s story in JLA has been his lack of time for his family (in Flash) and the JLA, let alone the Titans, yet in Justice League America #20 he rededicated himself to the league. Red Arrow also has a prominent role in the JLA where his story focused on his graduating into Green Arrow’s place on the League – not with the Titans anymore. Donna Troy became a watcher of the Monitors with Kyle Rayner and Ray Palmer at the conclusion of Countdown. Beast Boy rejoined the Doom Patrol during the One Year Later gap and even became leader.

So does all that make Titans a book being put out simply to put a book out? Looks that way to me.

So then I come to the end of this week’s Teen Titans #60 and I see that a certain member of the team’s adventures will be continued in Terror Titans #1! The Terror Titans are the small group of young villains who have plagued the Titans recently (not to be mistaken for the villainous Titans: East from a few arcs ago). Do they really need their own six issue mini? Does the only Titan going over have enough star power to carry the book? Seems the overwhelming Titans editor thinks so. What’s his name here? Ah…a Dan DiDio. Ever heard of him?

This is getting ridiculous. I’m going to be sticking with Teen Titans, thanks. Adult Titans and villain Titans don’t particularly interest me. They’re missing the point here.


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