Month: July 2008

Happy Friday

From Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin (which you should be reading):

Some people might wonder just how the Dark Knight managed to end up with his upper body in the mouth of a mechanical sea monster whilst wearing a kilt…but I think I’ll just go with it without asking questions.

New Comic Day points

This week’s titles: X-Factor, X-Force, Mighty Avengers

  • I finally have my compromise on X-Force. Take it for exactly what it is and don’t worry about the bigger picture and it’s actually not that bad.
  • Larry Strohman’s return on X-Factor after over 15 years since his last run has left me uninspired. Of course, I wasn’t huge on him back then either.
  • I couldn’t tell you which of the Secret Invasion stories happened in Mighty or New Avengers. The books are once again on hold while the big story goes on.
  • The majority of the opening arc of X-Force doesn’t really need the team in it. Take them out and just toss in someone else hacking off Angel’s wings, and you arrive at the same point. Just saying.
  • Have to give it to the X-Teams to going back to basics with most of the books. Focus the entire line and reestablish things like “villains” so 3/4 of the titles aren’t running around aimlessly.

Fall Out Boy comic looks to be done – thank god

Back in February, a press release came out saying that there would be a comic released based on Fall Out Boy. You know, the band. As if the world needed yet another comic book based on real life people stinking up the new comics rack (remember the old WWF and WCW comics?), it seemed that the Dabel Bros. Publishing was gung-ho about showing the band adventuring their way through comicdom (probably in an emotional way).

Leave it to the Simpsons to set things right with the world.

Turns out that the name Fall Out Boy has been owned for some time by those wonderful makers of the Simpsons. It also turns out that they don’t think highly of a comic being released with a name they own by another publisher. So when the Simpsons lawyers called, the band backed away from the situation. The publisher is apparently still fighting to get it to go, but no one is really psyched about it anymore. They won’t even be able to use the name Fall Out Boy for the cover – much like DC can’t use the name Captain Marvel as a comic title (despite it being the name of one of their bigger heroes).

So everyone should be content to let this thing fade quickly and quietly from memory…until the band’s drummer Andy Hurley apparently made a douche bag out of himself by giving an interview to Comic Book Resources saying that the project was never approved and sounded lame to him, even though he had apparently been all for it until the Simpsons thing started. So the publisher turns around and gets in a tizzy about that and now it looks like we really won’t be getting a Fall Out Boy comic.

Believe me, my heart bleeds.