New Comic Day hangover

We’re still mid-event, and I’m missing a mini series issue, but I’m covering what I wouldn’t spoil last week, so here we go!  Wow…that sentence was terrible.

Brightest Day #1 kicks off the year-long, bi-weekly title in which we get the continuation of the issue that already kicked off the year-long, bi-weekly title.

Red Robin #12 in which Tim Drake faces off with Ra’s al Ghul.

And Uncanny X-Men #524 in which Second Coming gets a down moment to deal with the fallout of X-Force #26.

As always, spoilerifficness after the jump.

Brightest Day
Despite the #1 on the issue, this follows up on what was laid down in issue #0 two weeks ago, so this is technically #2.  Why would DC do that?  To cheat their way into two #1 issues.  This used to be a common occurence back in the 90’s, especially around the Zero Hour event.  But Brightest Day is a lot better than Zero Hour.  You really need to have read #0 to understand what’s going on with some of the characters here, especially Firestorm and Deadman.  But this is still setup for the plot, and with 25 more issues to go, you can expect more of this to come.

Red Robin
I can’t decide if I enjoyed this title so much because I’m such a Tim Drake fan or that it was really well done by writer Chris Yost.  Probably a healthy blend of the both.  This ties up pretty much every loose end of Yost’s 12 issue run before handing the title over to Fabian Nicieza, writer of Robin before they ended the book to start this.  I greatly enjoyed the reason Tim thinks Bruce Wayne is lost in time (pictures of Wayne ancestors look to be actually Bruce throughout history), though it was a bit of a stretch…but that was the point.  This issue throws out the loner bit Red Robin had started with by having Tim call in all of the Batman/Teen Titans allies (everyone from Huntress to Kid Flash) to foil Ra’s al Ghul and Hush’s attempt to usurp Bruce Wayne’s fortune and company while Tim himself delays Ra’s by trying to fight him.  What’s best here is that it is said in no uncertain terms that Tim is no match for Ra’s, which is true.  Had Tim defeated his foe, there would have been a horrific outpouring of Bat-Nerds (J.R. included) saying ‘No f*cking way!’  Instead, Tim outsmarted his foe, leading Ra’s to call him ‘Detective’, which is a name he normally reserves for Batman.  Nice touch.  If the book had gotten cancelled here, it would have been a perfect place to stop.

Uncanny X-Men
I’m just going to come out with it, since you’ve had a week to read it or spoil it for yourself.  The BIG EVENT DEATH of Second Coming was Nightcrawler, who sacrificed himself in a fight with a heavily-upgraded Bastion to save Hope.  The X-Men now how a series of problems to deal with: since this whole mess started, they have lost all communications to the island as well as losing Cerebra.  Almost all of their teleporters have gone down, so they’re now facing an attack on the island of Utopia.  In the meantime, both Hope and Cable have safely arrived and Magneto has awoken from his coma that he’s been in since saving Kitty Pryde from her magical bullet.

But this issue really presents some logic gaps in the storyline.  The reason for the sabotaged equipment is Donald Pierce who has escaped his imprisonment in the brig and is playing havoc with the island, undetected thanks to Bastion.  Yet when all the X-Men take a break for Nightcrawler’s memorial service, the villains just kind of hang out and let the moment happen.  Also, the whole point of splitting up Cable and Hope (which led to Nightcrawler’s death) was allowing Cable and Wolverine’s team to act as a diversion, yet all of them, as well as Rogue, make it to the island almost immediately after Nightcrawler teleports in.  But okay, maybe the attack on Cable broke off right after Bastion attacked Hope.

But the major issue I have is the deal with the teleporters.  Thus far, three of the X-Men’s five teleporters have been taken out (Ariel and Nightcrawler have been killed, Magik has been pulled, presumebly, to Limbo).  That leaves Pixie and Vanisher.  Cyclops is in such a need of a teleporter, he sends Cannonball and a team of X-Men to Limbo to go get Magik back.  And who is on that team?  Pixie!  Seems like a double-standard of sorts there.  And I get that communications are down, but you have Charles Xavier with you who can surely toss a mental message across San Francisco Bay and get a hold of Domino and Vanisher in the city, right?

But I suppose I should quit nitpicking and just enjoy the story.  I actually am enjoying Second Coming quite a bit.  It seems important – moreso than Messiah Complex did.  I especially like Hope’s reaction to everyone throwing their hopes for the future on her even though she has done absolutely nothing that points to her importance for the future.  I’m eager to see where we go from here.

Next Week

  • Booster Gold #32 kicks off Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis’s run.
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #1 kicks off DC’s other 26-part, bi-weekly story featuring the JLI remnants.
  • Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #1 reminds us that Warren Ellis still writes an X-Men book.
  • New Avengers Finale wraps up Brian Bendis’s run on New Avengers before he goes to launch a new New Avengers.  Seriously.
  • New Mutants #13 gets the action going again for Second Coming.
  • Siege #4 ends Norman Osbourne’s ‘Dark Reign’ over the Marvel U.
  • If I can find a copy of it, I’ll look at X-Men Second Coming: Hellbound #1.  We’ll see.
  • Astonishing X-Men #34 still doesn’t come out.

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