First Impressions: Iron Man Legacy #1

With Iron Man 2 blasting into theaters just a few weeks ago, Marvel decided to test the waters with another ongoing Iron Man title. The logic being, of course, that the movie would send people into the comic shops where they’d be likely to pick up an Iron Man comic with a big shiny number one on it. The first film brought with it Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca’s The Invincible Iron Man, which has consistently been one of Marvel’s best books for the two years it’s been published. It even won an Eisner Award in 2009 for Best New Series. And now we have Iron Man Legacy written by Fred Van Lente with pencils by Steve Kurth.

The plot in the first issue so far is nothing we haven’t seen before. It appears someone has gotten their hands on some Stark Tech and is using it to slaughter innocent people and drag Tony Stark’s name through the mud. Well, Iron Man won’t have that, no sir. Even if he has to violate international laws to put a stop to it.

There were two reasons I picked this book up, the first being that Fraction’s Invincible has made me a huge fan of Tony Stark. The second, Fred Van Lente is one of my favorite writers. I’d never heard of Steve Kurth before this book, but he does good work. His pencils aren’t as pretty to look at as Salvador Larroca’s, but few are. With only one issue to compare, so far Legacy pales in comparison to Invincible. But I’m willing to give Tony Stark and Fred Van Lente at least a storyline to hook me or not.

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