Top 100 X-Men: 71-80


80. Blindfold
Young X-Men
She’s blind, she’s enigmatic and she speaks in riddles, but when Blindfold speaks everyone needs to listen up.  Correctly predicting the loss of Kitty Pryde in the Breakworld, the attack on the mansion during Messiah CompleX and the death of Wolfcub at the hands of Donald Pierce, Blindfold is a pretty accurate view to the future…if anyone can deduce just what message she’s trying to convey.  She took something of a more active role on the Young X-Men before relegating back to a support role, but she remains an important figure amongst the mutants on Utopia island.

I dare you to say "bucket head" to his face.

79. Juggernaut
X-Men, Excalibur
So sure, Juggernaut did join the X-Men with the thought of betraying them to Exodus’s Brotherhood, but thanks to the kindness of a kid with the  face of a fish, he decided to betray his villainous allies and join the X-Men proper.  The downside?  He didn’t turn quickly enough to keep Black Tom Cassidy from snapping Squidboy into little fish bits.  And then Juggernaut let his hatred for his stepbrother get the best of him and returned to his misdeeds.  But during his time with the X-Men, he was the shining example of longtime villain redemption.

Far more gross than cool.

78. Maggott
Probably one of the least interesting X-Men, Maggott originally came upon the team due to a debt to Magneto, but had so much fun, he decided to stick around.  Of all the X-Men, he had one of the grossest powers ever – his digestive system, in the form of two slugs, lived outside of his body until feeding, in which they burrowed back in – but he did make an interesting addition to the forgotten era of the team (post-Operation: Zero Tolerance).  He was apparently supposed to head over to Generation X after leaving the team, but he never made it.  Instead, he showed up in the mutant death camps in Weapon X and was killed off.

An emo kid's wet dream.

77. Icarus
New X-Men (Hellions and New Mutants squads)
One of the countless mutants amongst the Guthrie family, Jay was sent to the Institute and was not particularly happy about it, especially when he got lumped in with the Hellions.  He eventually traded over to the New Mutants, and largely served as the peace keeper of the group.  He was also hyper-charged, with three separate mutant powers (hypnotic singing voice, wings, healing factor), the latter two added in to make a bad story even worse (She Lies with Angels).  His belief in God caused his downfall when M-Day led him to William Stryker thinking that he could save his friends.  Stryker cut his wings off, then shot him in the head.

Psychopathic tendencies not shown.

76. Wallflower
New X-Men (New Mutants squad)
Word to the wise: don’t piss of a girl who can control your emotions.  Such was the lesson of Wallflower who finally broke out of her shell only to get her heart trampled on by Elixir while pssing off Prodigy and breaking the heart of Wither (which led to him becoming a murderous psychopath).  We were told several times that she had the potential to become a ravenous lunatic and even met her seemingly evil father, but unfortunately her potential was ended with a sniper bullet to the head, care of William Stryker.

The waste of her character blows.

75. Wind Dancer
New X-Men (New Mutants squad)
Speaking of lost potential, what ever happened to Wind Dancer?  She was the central figure in the relaunched New Mutants (which later became New X-Men) and was co-squad leader of the New Mutants squad.  She was cheerful and naive, but serious when she had to be  and did more interesting things with her wind abilities than Storm had in years.  But with M-Day, she lost her powers and left the book with barely a whimper, ending her romance with Hellion (who rebounded with X-23).  She appeared in the post-Civil War New Warriors but was written so out of character, it was difficult to recognize her.

Insert "rainbow powers" joke here.

74. Synch
Generation X
Forced into the X-Men family by being targeted by the Phalanx, Synch took to the role whole heartedly, becoming the heart of the new team of Generation X.  He was the one that almost all of the team leaned on, from Skin to M, and even had flirtations with both Jubilee and M.  Not so well-defined, however, were his his powers which included a rainbow-colored field that could synch up with other’s abilities…though no one really bothered to tell how.  Was he like the Mimic?  Something else?  Who knows?  Synch was the first of the Generation X kids to die when he sacrificed himself to save some anti-mutant kids from a bomb set by Emma Frost’s sister…and there was no better way for him to go out.

Not yet pretty enough for the X-Men.

73. Marrow
Remember that redemption role that Juggernaut had going for a while?  Marrow totally did it better.  Originally the mass-murdering leader of the Morlock off-shoot Gene Nation, someone on the X-Men thought it would be a good idea to have her join the team.  After all, she stopped being ugly, so why not?  And I mean that literally – without explanation, writers/artists reintroduced the formerly killed off Marrow with a far different look from earlier appearances, proving that you just can’t have ugly people amongst your cast.  She left the X-Men without anyone bothering to tell how/why, and eventually became a villain (and ugly) again before becoming something of a de-powered anti-hero after M-Day.  Quite possibly the biggest waste of a character in X-Men lore, after the amount of time spent developing her character.

Seriously, he's gay. Gay, gay, gay.

72. Northstar
X-Men, Alpha Flight
You probably already know this, but Northstar is gay.  In case you had forgotten, pretty much every story he’s in will remind you at least once.  It’s actually a rather unimportant part of his character, far less than his moodiness, his superiority complex or his strange closeness with his sister, but writers are always hung up on it.  He made a good fit with the X-Men when invited until Wolverine kind of killed him…but he got better.  He’s back on the team filling the speedster role, and is as jerkish as ever before…no pun intended.

And this is the "young" version.

71. Joseph
Originally intended to bring back the brain dead Magneto, somewhere along the line someone decided they didn’t want him redeemed with the X-Men, so they sent in the clones.  But to Joseph’s benefit, most of his early appearances were written as if he truly was Magneto, so he actually came off as quite important, forming a love triangle with Rogue (to Gambit’s chagrin) and serving in the battle and aftermath of Onslaught.  Unfortunately, once it was decided that the real Magneto would be coming back, Joseph slipped off the radar and eventually had his cloney origin told just before being killed off.

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