New Comic Day hangover

A light week for me this week, still trudging through Second Coming and finding myself increasingly fatigued by it.  We’ll get straight to it.

This week, I’ll be looking at:

Justice League: Generation Lost #2 in which everyone hates the JLI again.

X-Force #27 in which I get tired of watching the X-Men get their asses kicked.

And X-Men Second Coming Revelations Blind Science #1 in which…you know what?  I’m just amazed I typed that entire title out.

Discussion will follow the jump.  And there will be SPOILERS.  So click it or get lost.  Wait, don’t leave!  Just click!

Justice League: Generation Lost
Last issue I had wondered whether the story would be about a possible redemption for Max Lord, but it seems with this issue that he’s just as bat-shit crazy, just without anyone remembering him.  Only Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Ice and Fire know of him, and they are quickly alienated from the rest of the DCU (like they were major players anyway): Captain Atom is set up to attack his CO, making him a fugitive, Fire is dismissed from Checkmate, Ice is thought to have attacked Guy Gardner (which also doesn’t really make sense), and Booster Gold is left to his own reputation, which doesn’t do him any favors.  But Booster doesn’t really care (in fact, that’s a core plot point of his solo title) – he’s more upset that with Max Lord’s brain whammy, the whole world believes that Ted Kord committed suicide, and he refuses to allow Beetle’s final legacy to be removed.  Fire takes off, then the other three follow a JLI signal to El Paso where they find the wrong new Blue Beetle being attacked by OMACs.

While I mainly enjoy this title, I do have a couple of irks.  The main point is why Max Lord doesn’t just wipe the memories of the remaining four people that remember him.  He obviously went through a lot of trouble to discredit them and even put a mental suggestion into Captain Atom’s head.  Why not just do to the four of them what he did to the entire rest of the world?  I guess we’ll just have to settle with ‘he just isn’t going to’ and move on and enjoy the book.  I, of course, am no fan of the Jamie Reyes Beetle (since I’m such a huge Ted Kord fan), but I’ll deal with it.  I did like him when he showed up in Teen Titans before I dropped the book.  It is part 2 of 26, after all.  Let’s see where they go.

I am now pretty much over Second Coming.  We’re past the halfway point and we’re still stuck on the “X-Men getting attacked” phase.  It’s actually the second “X-Men getting attacked” phase, and if this story has told us nothing else, it’s that keeping all the mutants on Earth in one place was a horrible idea.  Now everyone is stuck in an unpenetrable bubble, and Bastion is sending Nimrod attacks from the future as he tries to bring a timeline in which he was already successful into the present.  No, I don’t understand exactly what that means either – why not just win the battle?  The X-Men defeat a squad of Nimrods before Cyclops sends Cable and X-Force to guard Cypher in the future to shut down Bastion’s operations from there.  He then says that there’s no way they can get home, so he pretty much just killed X-Force.  And that includes Wolverine.  I sure do believe him.

The Nimrod attack goes about 6 pages without a single blip of dialogue and we get shown the X-Men getting decimated, though when we shift suddenly to the aftermath, we’re told that the X-Men defeated all of the robots.  Now anyone familiar with Nimrod knows that originally it took the combined efforts of the X-Men and Hellfire Club to defeat the original model Nimrod, killing two people in the process.  And they just barely squeaked by.  With the squad assembled on the bridge, it seemed a stretch to take down so many so quickly.  So the X-Men get convenient breathing room for their next wave of future ops and we now have one more X-Force mission, as if this storyline didn’t mirror Messiah CompleX enough already.

More casualties came here, mainly with the panel of Hellion getting both of his hands blown off.  Hellion has been one of those characters from New X-Men who had a ton of potential when he was being used, but eventually writers didn’t want to bother anymore.  This not only lessened the impact of his maiming, but it also removed the impact of X-23 sitting with him at his bedside.  X-23 and Hellion’s relationship was a big deal in New X-Men, but it’s only been hinted at in the past few years – that kind of dampens the intended effect.  It also didn’t help that Hellion’s telekinesis effect was miscolored (it should be green)…but really, the whole battle suffered because there was no dialogue.  I get what they were going for, but in my opinion it did not add to the scene.  Maybe it’s just that I am sick of watching the X-Men get their tales kicked time and time again in this story.  And we still have no idea just why Hope is so damn important.  I get that we’ll have the final scene in the story in which she manifests the Phoenix Force and that will be that, but the story has become less “Hope returns” and more “the X-Men fight and lose”. 

But there was a hilarious line in which Wolverine comments that Cypher has a weakness to bullets.  That may be lost on fans not familiar with the mid-80’s story Fall of the Mutants in which Cypher originally died.

X-Men Second Coming Revelations Blind Science
No, I didn’t type it out again.  I copied and pasted.  This is an odd little one-shot in which the X-Club gets shunted into a seemingly apocalypic future in which their only hope is to re-engineer Kavita Rao’s mutant cure from Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men storyline.  While Dr. Nemesis and Madison Jeffries are both present and add their snappy dialogue, this issue is really spotlighting Dr. Rao, who has been pretty much a background character thus far, vastly overshadowed by the other two.  And it works just fine – she is genuinely likable, her character works with that presented before, and she actually manages to outshine her partners for the first time since being brought into the group.

But that doesn’t change that the book is kind of a mess.  The art is kind of hard to follow and there’s about 50% more dialogue than is really necessary, making it easy to get lost in the reading.  You can actually skip some of the word balloons and follow the story just fine.  The big reveal at the end is not as obvious as it probably should have been for me, but I was perfectly fine with it.  What didn’t work was that this apparently took place between in last week’s issue of X-Men Legacy and the week before’s New Mutants.  The title therefore should have probably come out last week as I was scratching my head as to where it fit.  And besides that, it just doesn’t work there.  The issue begins with the countdown from New Mutants, then ends with the base exploding in Legacy.  Now if you read the two issues, you will be lead to think that the countdown led to the explosion – but you’d be wrong.  Really, this is just a comic for the sake of bringing in $4 for a crossover.  But anything with Dr. Nemesis in it is pretty much worth it.

Next Week

  • Nothing.  I don’t have a single issue coming out next week.  Second Genesis couldn’t keep it’s weekly pace going and has been delayed a week.
  • And for completion sake, Astonishing X-Men #34 still does not come out.  As of today, it has been pushed back to June 30th.

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