Top 100 X-Men: 61-70

Unfortunately, he's French.

#70: Fantomex
No, really, he joined the team.  I promise.  While I expect this one to be contested, I stand by it.  Since debuting during the X-Corp debut, Fantomex has been an awesome character, overly snarky but willing to help when needed.  He was a key figure in the Planet X invasion of New York, and has recently returned to help track down a Predator X and was caught calling himself an X-Man.  And he’s got a flying saucer made out of his nervous system.  Just for that, we’ll excuse that he’s French.

Now including head flaps!

#69: Caliban
X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force
You really haven’t seen screwed up until you’ve seen Caliban.  Originally a member of the Morlock, he survived the Mutant Massacre and began hanging with X-Factor until accepting a deal from Apolocalypse to give him more power.  He stayed borderline evil until eventually he was redeemed by Cable and brought in to join X-Force.  He ended back up with Apocalypse until returning to the Morlock tunnels until eventually joining up with the X-Men.  He was in the original black-ops X-Force team until he sacrificed himself to save Warpath’s life.  Good man.


#68: Beak
New X-Men (Special Class), Exiles
Beak may not have been the coolest of students around the Xavier Institute, but he had six times as much heart as anyone else, many X-Men included.  He was the only member of the special class to speak out against Magneto and received a massive beating for it, only to return with the X-Men for the final fight.  He then joined up with the Exiles for a while before returning home to be with the mother of his freakish bird/insect babies.  He was depowered at M-Day, but joined up with Jubilee’s New Warriors.

You can trust her. She's a doctor.

#67: Cecilia Reyes
Okay, so joining the X-Men because you have nowhere else to go may not be the best of methods, but it was what Dr. Reyes did during her stay with the team that made her cool.  She earned her stripes in combat while taking time to flirt regularly with the Beast before leaving the team to start her own clinic in Salem Center.  She remained a supporting character for a while until she was herded off for the Neverland death camp.  Unlike her teammate Maggott, she survived the experience and finally showed back up to help an ailing Magneto.  About time, too.

Full awesome not shown.

#66: Anole
New X-Men (Alpha Squadron squad), Young X-Men
Had the original story gone through, Anole would have killed himself for students making fun of him for being gay.  Instead, he was given space to shine and his snappy wit has made him one of the most endearing members of the younger squads.  His friendship with Rockslide is almost always hysterical and he has the potential to be far more powerful than he is…he would just have to cut off more of his limbs to be so.  Hopefully, he’ll stick around for a long while.

That's really gross.

#65: Husk
X-Men, Generation X
The younger sister of Cannonball has one of the more disgusting powers around, but it’s the chip on her shoulder that more endeared her to readers of Generation X.  Determined to be the leader of that generation, she studied overly hard and tried to hide her Kentucky accent, but she eventually grew more comfortable with herself.  Her romantic interests have included a guy with no mouth and someone likely over a decade older than her, but the latter caused Stacy X to leave, so bonus points there.

Ooh, shiny!

#64: Mercury
New X-Men (Hellions squad)
Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Alex Mack with the X-Men?  Here’s your answer.  Despite her often cheery demeanor, Mercury has a lot of baggage due to her mettalic appearance, including losing the love of her parents who saw their daughter as a freak.  She had the hots for Wither, but that didn’t turn out too well.  Unfortunately she’s been relegated to the background as of late, but when given the spotlight, she shines…or reflects, as it were.

Adorable and can get you high. Win!

#63: Pixie
New X-Men
Yeah, Pixie probably was shoved down fans’ throats a little too much after Messiah CompleX which has dulled her, but she still remains a decent member of the younger cast.  She went from a helmet-wearing background character to a star in her own right (complete with limited series), and all it took was Magik yanking out a chunk of her soul and giving her spells and a soul dagger.  Unfortunately, she’s not as cute as she was when she was drawn by Scottie Young, but I blame Greg Land.

This kid is scary talented.

#62: Prodigy
New X-Men (New Mutants squad)
One of the original recruits of Dani Moonstar, Prodigy has kept himself as a vital member of the X-Men supporting staff even without his powers.  He originally could mimic any skill or talent within range of him, but he lost that to M-Day.  After the massacre of the former mutant students, he became the only depowered mutant allowed to remain at the Institute, and thanks to the Stepford Cuckoos, was given all the abilities he had previously mimicked.  Now, he’s a force to be reckoned with, despite his loss.

As if the headband wasn't a dead giveaway.

#61: Shatterstar
X-Force, X-Factor Investigations
Originally presented as a generic Longshot clone with a sword (thank you, Rob Liefeld), Shatterstar’s story became one of learning and experiencing.  His origin was painfully botched, so it’s best to not even try to recall what it was.  He fell off the radar for a while after leaving X-Force, but was recently added to the cast of X-Factor where he has become more interesting than ever before.  Oh, and yes – he and Rictor are hot for each other.  Get over it.

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Check back on Wednesdy for numbers 51-60!


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