Emma Frost in new X-Men movie?

It’s well known that the next X-Men movie is tentatively titled X-Men: First Class, looking to deal with the origin of the team rather than trying to pick up the pieces from the clusterf*ck that was X-Men: The Last Stand.  The new movie was originally supposed to be directed by original X-Men director Bryan Singer, but when Fox decided to fast track it (it’s due out next June), he slipped into the role of executive producer and Matthew Vaughn (of Kick Ass) was named director.  That’s about all the confirmed news thus far.

Hot...er, cold?

But CBR is reporting that Emma Frost may well be appearing in the film, perhaps played by English actress Rosamund Pike.  I know her from Die Another Day where she played Miranda Frost.  She had both ‘British’ and ‘bitchy’ down in that role…even though Emma technically isn’t British.

Personally, despite CBR writer Erik Amaya’s enthusiasm about the news, I think having an adult Emma Frost placed into the X-Men’s origin is a bad idea.  The movie is reportedly about the split in the relation between Charles Xavier and Magneto, and presumably the founding of the X-Men.  It is unsure whether this will be a new story altogether or the origin of the once-proud X-Men movies (much like it was unsure whether X-Men Origins: Wolverine followed movie continuity), but if it’s the former, methinks Emma should be held off until a future film in which she and the students of her Massachusetts Academy can serve as primary antagonists.  Putting her on either side of this one would be a waste of the character’s potential.

I’m terrified of the common super-hero movie staple of shoehorning far too many characters into a single movie.  Half of the characters of The Last Stand didn’t even get named on screen.  Did you realize that Psylocke was in the movie?  Me neither.  This movie is not a product of Marvel Studios, like the Iron Man films.  This is by Fox, who started off great in 2000, and steadily destroyed the franchise over the course of a decade.  I’m still thoroughly unconvinced they can actually make an X-Men movie without Wolverine.


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