New comic day hangover

Strangely light week for me this week…but my bank account’s not complaining.  Here’s what’s up for this week.

New Mutants #14 in which everyone runs around fighting…still.

And as a bonus, we have Birds of Prey #2 when things GET REAL for the girls.

My thoughts after the jump, but there are SPOILERS…just so you know.

New Mutants
We are now in week 3 of Nimrods attack mutants (week 4 if you count the issue where the big dome appeared) and still nothing has come of it.  We haven’t been seeing much of Bastion lately, nor do we get any update on those outside of the dome trying to break in.  Hope looks like she’s going to finally do something, yet she only gets about three pages and we have to wait until the next chapter to see what comes of it.  As for the other 19 pages of the book?  You guessed it – the X-Men running around fighting Nimrods.  Whoever decided this story needed to be 14 chapters needs to be slapped about 4 times – one for each needless chapter.  But let’s look at what the book is.

Cyclops finally realized that he’s got an island full of mutants and calls them to arms.  I’m surprised he’s waited this long, as almost all of the background characters have at one point or another served as costumed heroes/villains.  Unfortunately, the art is a bit confusing on some of the characters gathered.  We get the prerequisite background characters like Random, Toad and Joanna Cargill, but in one panel it looks like the artist drew Ariel who has been dead since part 3 of this crossover.  Also in the crowd is Leech, which means Random should not have been standing right next to him with his powers active.  I also spotted someone in a one-piece bathing suit who I initially assumed was Surge, but then I realized Surge was in the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge.  I suppose it could be Arclight of the Marauders, but being of how big of a deal the X-Men made when Scalphunter showed up, I doubt it.  Speaking of Scalphunter, he was shown fighting on the island perfectly fine, though he should be in the brig.  Or did they disable the brig?  I can’t remember – all I seem to recall is running around and fighting.

More casualties stack up here as Colossus gets his arm mangled, Toad loses a finger and someone gets their head cut off and stepped on.  I’m assuming it’s Sack – formerly of Gene Nation – but he’s not named on panel, so your guess is as good as mine.  The new piece of the puzzle here is that Charles Xavier has brought Legion into the battle, but in an interesting twist, Legion’s main personality – that of David Haller – is now using a computer system in his mind to pick and choose which persona to activate at any given time.  I really like this move for Legion, making him a usable character for the first time in nearly 25 years.  Even better is that a different artist was used to draw the scenes within Legion’s mind, giving it a much more cartoonish look.  Well done.

And being that it’s Zeb Wells, at least one New Mutant character got a moment to shine – this time being Sunspot who mentioned how frequently it comes up that he’s strong but not invulnerable.  I’d like to mention that I made the reference almost a full week ahead of that.  Score.

Birds of Prey
Not one of my usual buys, but since my girlfriend picked it up, I gave it a read.  After all I’ve been a Gail Simone fan ever since the launch of Agent X.  This is mostly a fight scene between Black Canary and Huntress against a ‘white canary’ woman.  It’s a pretty good fight, helped by the running internal monologue of Black Canary through the whole thing.  Yes, Lady Blackhawk, Hawk and Dove to feature in the fight, but it’s mainly Canary and Huntress’s time to shine.  Ed Benes, for the most part, pulls off the art quite nicely, but some of the girls spend an odd amount of time in sexy poses, especially Dove when she goes off to save the Penguin.  The image of him staring directly at her chest while she’s rescuing her is priceless, though.

The main factor of the issue is the outing of Black Canary’s identity as Dinah Lance, and framing her to tarnish both her superhero and civillian identities.  This one falls into the ‘How can anyone not recognize that Clark Kent is Superman?’ category, except Black Canary doesn’t even use glasses for a disguise.  Why did no one recognize that this woman was the former chairperson of the Justice League?  That’s a pretty high profile gig you’ve got going on.  Ah well, suspension of disbelief, I suppose.

The art changes towards the end of the story, which is kind of off-putting.  I never realized just how busty Oracle really was until the final splash page.  But beyond that, this arc is doing a good job of re-establishing a status quo of the Birds, so I’m pleased with it.

Next week

  • Justice League: Generation Lost #4 pulls a new Rocket Red into the book.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #2 may not be covered, as I’m probably going to drop the book.
  • X-Factor #206 concludes the book’s tie in to Second Coming.
  • X-Men Legacy #237 will likely have more running around and fighting.
  • Astonishing X-Men #34 still doesn’t come out…though I may not be able to say that next week.

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