New comic day hangover

Last week was pretty rough for me, and it was Friday before I actually picked up my comics. I also picked up my girlfriend’s so I have an extra issue to comment on this week. So bonus! Enough rambling – here’s this last week’s list!

Legion of Super-Heroes #2 in which I have decided to drop the book.

X-Factor #206 in which the tie-in to Second Coming ends.

X-Men Legacy #237 in which the X-Men actually start winning.

Avengers #2 in which I don’t see the point of so many Avengers books.

There will be SPOILERS within.  Ye have been warned!

Legion of Super-Heroes
I honestly gave this one more of a flipping-through rather than an actual read, so this space will be explaining why I am dropping the book rather than what I thought of it.  The Legion is like James Bond.  It’s quite likely that whichever one first introduced you to the franchise ended up being your favorite.  There’s a special place in my heart for Roger Moore, and there’s a special place in my heart for the post-Zero Hour Legion.  This is not that Legion – this is the Legion that was replaced by my Legion…and I am not familiar with this Legion.  Sure, I know all the names and faces, I just don’t know who they are.  Saturn Girl has kids?  Invisible Kid is a black French guy?  I do love the Legion, yes, but I simply do not know these guys.  They’re not even kids anymore.  I have no idea who has done what, and I am having trouble gaining interest in what they are doing here.

To make matters worse (for me), they’re introducing the Green Lantern ring into the mix.  I understand that with Blackest Night/Brightest Day, Green Lantern rings are all the rage, but I just don’t feel like they have any place in the Legion.  The Legion of Super-Heroes are the future heroes – they don’t have the heroic bits of the past – those are gone.  Instead they forge their own.  Instead, we get the same as the old, just with different characters.  I’m sorry, kids, but I’m done.  If you reboot again, I might check it out.

As Second Coming winds down, X-Factor’s contribution to the event ends.  No, they had no part in the actual event, but the book did field the very important issue that not every mutant on Earth were stuck inside of Bastion’s San Francisco bubble.  X-Factor doesn’t exactly keep a low profile, so Bolivar Trask was sent to take them out.  I commented in the first part of this that Bolivar Trask’s involvement ignores his main (and only) story from the Silver Age in which he realized his error and sacrificed himself to stop the Sentinels.  Well, I was wrong – instead we are shown that Bastion was controlling him specifically for what he represented.  The solution?  M broke the connection between Bastion and Trask, and he took the opening to blow his own brains out.  That was an excellent way to end the story and show that continuity has not been ignored.  Well done, I say.

The main purpose here is that all of the members of X-Factor have finally reunited for the first time since Layla Miller got sent to the future back in Messiah CompleX.  Everyone showed up for the big fight and we have ourselves a book setting.  That means that next issue we actually get back to business, and hopefully X-Factor doesn’t have to hold itself up for crossovers anymore.  Well, unless they need the sales boost, of course.

X-Men Legacy
Not much to say here.  We’re getting to the end of Second Coming, which means that the X-Men have to start turning things around.  I especially liked it that the Nimrod invasion, which has maimed several big time characters, was brought down by Cypher – renowned for being the weakest of the New Mutants and a longtime pointless character.  It just goes to show how awesome he’s become since being revived by Zeb Wells.  Who would have thought?  Two more parts left – we’ll no doubt be seeing a) Hope doing something amazing to stop Bastion and b) X-Force getting home.  I look forward to it.

Oh, and Greg Land?  When Domino is yelling something while on the battlefield, she probably shouldn’t look like she’s being drilled in the ass.  Just saying.

Let me take a moment and say that I don’t enjoy ‘We have to stop the dangers of a potential future!’ stories.  It didn’t really work in Back to the Future: Part II, and it really doesn’t work here.  There are so many other ways to prevent a possible future other than beating up the future problems.  But oh well.  Here we get the reintroduction of Noh-Varr, and already he’s more important than he was in Dark Avengers.  Still not interesting, but we can wait for it.

My question is more along the lines as to why there are so many Avengers books right now.  There are three major teams – Avengers, New Avengers, and Secret Avengers.  Secret is exactly what it sounds like.  Secret missions that need to remain hush hush.  That’s fine.  New Avengers is the continuation of the former outlaw Avengers led by Luke Cage, arguing that having the Steve Rogers/Government run Avengers is pretty much exactly what they were fighting against during the Civil War.  And then there’s Avengers, which is the Steve Rogers/Government approved team.  The problem lies in that three of the New Avengers – Wolverine, Spider-Man and Hawkeye – are also on the main team.  So what is the point of having two teams?

The obvious answer is sales, of course.  New Avengers wants to keep the focus it had before Siege (countdown until the return of the Hood!) while Avengers is Marvel’s flagship that has all the major players – Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man and Wolverine – in one shiny $4 package.  But the stories just don’t work together.  But who listens to me?  This is a perfectly fine comic if taken for what it is, outside of the big picture.

Next This Week
Are you sitting down?  If not, you may want to hold onto something.

  • Astonishing X-Men #34 is actually coming out!  For real!  I can’t even remember what the story is.  I’ll go back and read the earlier issues before Wednesday.
  • My comic shop didn’t pull Justice League: Generation Lost #4 for me last week, so I’ll cover it next week.
  • I’ve been eyeing X-Men: Forever #2.  We’ll see… 

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