Thoughts on Wonder Woman

I love Internet outrage. So, when I saw that Wonder Woman’s outfit was being redesigned, I immediately went searching for articles and threads to see what the general reaction among the Internet fans would be. I must say, I was not disappointed. After reading a few comments on DC’s The Source blog, and a couple articles at Comic Book Resources, it was easy to see the outrage ranging from, ‘A jacket? What is this, the 90s?’ to “OMG! I JUST THREW UP! THEY HAVE DESTROYED MY REASON FOR READING COMICS!’ When the comments started to compare this to ‘One More Day,’ I decided it was time that I read the article and find out what is going on.

Here’s what JMS has to say about the story:

“We learn that Paradise Island fell when Diana was just a child, when the gods withdrew their protection. Hippolyta and many of the other Amazons died in a last-ditch defense against an army with weapons that could kill even them, while some of her guards and handmaids smuggled a young Diana off the island. She was thus raised in an urban setting, but with a foot in both worlds, courtesy of her guardians and teachers from Paradise Island. They expect her to retake Paradise Island, defeat the army that’s still hunting for the escaped Amazons (and Diana in particular), and restore all her people to their previous glory. This is a lot to ask of someone who has no recollection of that world, and obviously has no idea about the timeline shift. (Some of the other Amazons do know about the shift, as we see in #600, and there are others in the DCU who also can sense what happened.)”

He also says this about the villains:

“We have four concentric circles that will eventually reveal the face of the enemy. The first and most obvious one is the army that’s after her, and the guy who runs that operation. Fairly non-supernatural seeming. The Keres are on the next level up, indicating that there’s more going on than meets the eye. She has to get past them to find who’s pulling their strings…and gradually work her way to the hand behind it all, and the reason for all this.”

Based on this info, I don’t see this as being another example of ‘One More Day,’ but instead, a villain sending the heroine, or making her believe that she is in an alternate timeline.  So, all of the questions people bring up about how this effects the history of her interactions with the DCU, as well how this effects the two Wonder Girls will likely never be answered, because they don’t need to be.  Wonder Woman is going to track down whoever is responsible, and set things back to the way they were.  Well, mostly.  Undoubtably, some things will change, but nothing important to the rest of the DCU.

Now, about the costume.  Yeah, I don’t really like the jacket either, but it’s not that bad.  There are far worse costumes around.  Having a radically different costume works when doing an alternate reality story.  I also think the interior art of the new costume looks better than Jim Lee’s design of it.

And a final word about the Internet outrage.  It’s okay to be passionate about a character, but if this change has caused you to become literally ill (hoping the person leaving the comment was correct in their usage), if this change causes you to give up completely on comics, or really harms your life in any way, then you have moved beyond the point of being passionate, and are now disturbingly obsessed.



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