When variant covers get lazy

Take a look at this cover.

This is the second printing cover for Avengers #1, featuring the so-called “Blank Cover” edition.

That’s right.  They basically just slapped a logo onto nothing (well, there’s a big A you can hardly see) and sold it as a cover.

Marvel has gone back into the practice of ridiculous amounts of variant covers for titles lately…and not just anniversary or debut issues.  Regular titles will have numerous covers, as well as different covers for second printings.  The idea, of course, is to squeeze the extra money from uber-completists and those who still think that comic collections will one day make them rich.  Even Icon, publishing independently owned titles, is pushing variant covers for its books…in a very un-indy comic way.

But this?  This is simply insulting to the comic fan who is expected to shill out a second $3.99 for the same title just without the cover.  And this isn’t Marvel’s only go at this idea.  Next month’s X-Men #1 is also getting a blank variant.  If you too think this is a good idea, perhaps you should step back from the computer for a while.  Something’s obviously going on with your head.

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