“Look at Iron Fist. Now back to me. Now back to Iron Fist. Now back to me.”

If you haven’t seen any if Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” commercials, do yourself a favor and check them out. In fact, I’ll embed them after the jump for you just to make things simple. The third one with the mustache is particularly hilarious. Anyway, the actor in those commercials is a guy named Isaiah Mustafa. The popularity of these adds recently landed him an interview on G4′s Attack of the Show. That interview is also after the jump. If you’re wondering how this is comic related, here’s a quote from the tail end of the interview when the host asks him about any future projects he’s got lined up:

“I’m a comic junkie, myself. I will say this…please, get this thing going. I want to be Luke Cage, OK! I want to be Luke Cage! You have no idea, I mean really, yes. I made a dream board of it and put my face on the comic. I said I want to be Luke Cage one day.”

He certainly has the look and the presence to pull off Luke Cage, but how does he look in a puffy yellow shirt & silver tiara? Honestly, I hadn’t given much thought to Luke Cage being in the upcoming Avengers movie until I heard this. It makes since that he would be, because the cast could use a little diversity. The line up so far seems to be Hulk, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain America. With the exception of Fury, the team looks a little pale. Mustafa’s only had about five years acting experience and only bit parts at that. I don’t know if that will help him or hurt him. If he doesn’t get the role, I’d like to see it go to Michael Jai White. The man throws a hell of a boomerang: (Video after the jump due to a bit of NSFW language.)

Embedding the ATOS video doesn’t seem to be working, so feel free to watch it at this link.


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