Fables Countdown to #100: Animal Farm

Animal Farm

Issues #6-10
Art by Mark Buckingham

Still enforcing their community service sentence from “Legends in Exle,” Snow White forces Rose Red to accompany her on administrative trip to the Farm.  Rose Red complains the entire trip, making Snow’s attempt to patch things up seem futile.  When they reach the Farm, they find everyone in the community at a secret meeting.  Snow finds out that the meeting is being run by Dun, one of the three little pigs, because the head official for the Farm, Weyland Smith, has resigned and vanished.  Dun explains to Snow and Rose that they were having a meeting about trying to retake the Homelands by force.  The Farm Fables are greatly interested in retaking the Homelands, so that they may once again roam free.  After Snow and Rose leave, Dun and Posey (little pig) ask Colin (another little pig) how his mission in Fabletown (appearance in “Legends in “Exile”) went.  Colin informs them that he was unable to get a key to the Woodland office, and unable to gather supporters for their cause.  In their room, Snow and Rose argue some more, until they look out the window to find Colin’s head on a pike.

Snow asks Dun about what happened last night, because she left him with Colin, but he doesn’t know.  Snow wants to bring Bigby Wolf in to investigate, but Dun reminds Snow of the Farm Charter, disallowing Bigby to set foot on the Farm, and that he himself will handle the investigation.  Goldilocks and three bears are shown burying Colin’s head and body.  Goldilocks talks about revolution against Fabletown, and the symbolism of putting Colin’s head on the pike.  They are discovered by Reynard the fox, who runs away before Goldilocks is able to do anything to him.  Posey, thinking that Rose may be sympathetic to their cause, shows here a massive stockpile of firearms.  Back in Fabletown, the Forsworn Knight, while sobering up, gives a prophesy about north fighting south, and sister against sister, but Bigby writes it off as things that have already happened.  At the Farm, Snow is unable to find the keys to their truck, or able to call out.  Rose informs her that this is not an accident, and that she’d better just stay out of the way.  Rose then joins the Revolution.  Goldilocks leads a search for Reynard, but he is able to escape and inform Snow about what is going on.

Goldilocks continues to lead the search for Reynard, also making sure to secure the skies so he is unable to send a message out.  Snow and Reynard try to make their way away from the Farm, and Reynard shows Snow a modified gun that can be used by a non-human Fable.  They are discovered by Shere Khan (Jungle Book tiger), but Reynard is able to distract him long enough for Snow to get away.  Snow isn’t able to get very far though, as Khan catches up to her after she passes three sleeping giants and a dragon.  Snow is able to kill Khan using the modified gun her and Reynard found earlier.  Further up the mountain, she finds a chained up Weyland Smith, working on modifying the firearms.  However, Rose, Goldilocks, and the others find them, and Rose arrests Snow.

Goldilocks wants Rose to kill Snow now, but Rose says that wasn’t part of their plan, so, with the advice of Dun and Posey, they agree to lock her up with Weyland.  In Fabletown, Boy Blue informs Bigby that he can’t get a hold of the Farm, and that a messenger bird has not returned. Bigby sends the following people since he can’t go to the Farm:  Boy Blue, Bluebeard, Prince Charming, and Bufkin, the flying monkey.  In the cave, Weyland informs Snow that the chains that are binding him are enchanted so that he continues modifying the firearms, and does not try to escape, or even help someone one help him escape.  Weyland is however able to make a key for Snow’s shackles.  Reynard, after meeting with loyal Fables, finds Snow and Weyland.  After many failed attempts at breaking Weyland’s chains, Reynard suggests that Snow use the key made for her, and it works.  Back on the Farm, Snow interrupts a mandatory meeting of the revolutionists, and orders their surrender.  Backing her up are the three giants she had seen earlier and the dragon.  The revolutionists surrender as Bigby’s cavalry arrive on the scene.  Just as they begin to search for Goldilocks, she uses a sniper rifle to shoot Snow in the head.

Snow wakes up in the hospital, six weeks later.  Over the course of her recovery, Bigby fills her in on what happened.  After she was shot, Bigby’s group and the loyal Fables restored order, but were unable to find Goldilocks.  Two weeks after Snow wakes up, the trials occur on the Farm.  Those that played a minor role in the revolution are given a sentence of hard labor, while the leaders are set aside to actually face a tribunal.  Some time later, as Snow is preparing to leave the hospital, Bigby informs her that today the revolution’s leaders are being executed.  Those include Dun and Posey.  Snow asks about her sister, expecting her to have been executed as a leader.  Bigby informs Snow that Rose joined the revolution in order to save Snow.  Weyland visits Snow to face his punishment for allowing things to happen.  Even though Snow doesn’t blame Wayland for what happened, she still has to relieve him of his authority.  She does ask him to stay up at the Farm and continue his work modifying the weapons, with the hope of one day being able to reclaim the Homelands.  Rose confesses to her sister that she dislikes her because everyone loves Snow, but have forgotten about her.  Rose is able to convince Snow to put her in charge of the Farm so they are once again equals.  Rose’s first official act was to change the three giants permanently into the new three little pigs, and the dragon Clara, was transformed into a raven that could breath fire, to be Rose’s bodyguard.

There were four main points established in this story.  First, the characters that live at the Farm are introduced.  Secondly, we learn why some of the animostiy exists between Snow White and Rose Red.  Thirdly, we learn that what keeps the Fables alive, and that there are varying degrees among the level of immortality among the Fables.  Finally, we varying degrees of the desire to return to the Homelands, and what some Fables will do to return home.

Up next, Bag O’ Bones


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