Fables Countdown to #100: Bag O’ Bones

It’s Friday, and so it’s time for the next entry in our countdown to the release of Fables #100.  If you’re new to this, every Tuesday and Friday I will be re-visiting  each story in Fables.  This will last until issue #100 is released in November.  Today’s story is titled “Bag O’ Bones,” and it’s a single issue story about an adventure Jack had during the Civil War.  Continue after the break to read the recap.  But beware, there are spoilers after the break.

Bag O’ Bones

Issue #11
Art by Bryan Talbot

During the Civil War, Jack saw a chance to improve his standing in life.  He came down to the south, and created an aristocratic persona to lie his way into the Confederate army as a Captain.  As soon as Jack saw that he wasn’t going to get his glory because the South wasn’t going to win, he lied his way out of the army, and possibly let go because his commanders were tired of losing to him in poker.

When cutting across the swamp, Jack came across an old, black man that had nothing but a bag and deck of cards with him.  The man challenges Jack to a game of poker.  Jack agrees after the old man convinces Jack that he does have something to match Jack’s bet.  After taking everything Jack has, except his pants, the old man challenges Jack to one final game for his soul, putting up everything he has against it.  Jack agrees so long as the man puts up his magical bag, and that he can deal.  The old man agrees, and Jack deals himself four jacks to win.  The old man explains to Jack that the bag, after saying the proper phrase, can hold anything.

Jack goes around capturing animals to eat later until he comes upon a run down manner.  Inside, he finds a woman named Sally who explains that her family has been cursed, everyone else has died, and her time is that night.  After turning down a proposition from Jack, Sally agrees to do anything for him if he can keep her from dying.  So, that night, when the Grim Reaper comes for her, Jack traps him inside the bag.  For this, she proceeds to wear Jack out, wanting to go more than he is capable of.  Sally leaves to fix breakfast, but comes back covered in blood.  Jack goes outside to see what happened, and finds that none of the animals will die.  Some soldiers walk up to the manner, also unable to die.  Jack realizes that he has to let the Grim Reaper out of the bag.  The Grim Reaper actually thanks Jack for giving him his first day off ever, and agrees to not kill Sally for a year if Jack will let him vacation in the bag one day a year.  Jack agrees, but Sally runs off with another man a few weeks later.


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