Countdown to Fables #100: A Two-Part Caper

It’s time again for another edition of my multi-month countdown to the November 24th release the 100th issue of Fables.  In this countdown, I am recapping every story that Bill Willingham has written for the series.  Today’s story is titled “A Two-Part Caper,” and is collected in the volume 3 trade, A Storybook Love.  As the title suggests, it was a story spanning two issues.  In this story, Bigby Wolf leads a motley crew on a caper to save Fabletown from being exposed to the general public.  The recap is below the break, and of course, there are spoilers.

A Two-Part Caper

Issues #12-13
Art by Len Medina

Bigby Wolf is lecturing Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) about how she needs to be more careful in public, because she can’t have more occurrences of her curse.  She had pricked her finger in Tiffany’s, causing herself and everyone in the building to fall asleep, and thorny vines to begin growing up the building.  Bigby is interrupted by a Mundy (normal person) at the front gate.  The person is named Tommy Sharp, and is an investigative journalist.  He claims to have evidence of Bigby changing shape, and knows that the people within the community are immortal.  This makes him believe that they are vampires.  Bigby gathers Jack, Bluebeard, Boy Blue, and Flycatcher, to carry out his plan that will also include Prince Charming and Briar Rose.  Bluebeard separately pulls Jack aside, discussing with him the possible need to kill Tommy Sharp.

Briar Rose and Prince Charming con their way into Sharp’s apartment building.  Prince Charming exits, leaving Briar Rose to prick her finger, and cause her curse to affect everything in the building.  Bigby’s team wait outside until the thorn phase starts, so they know it is now safe to go inside.  Bluebeard is left to man the door, Flycatcher and Prince Charming are sent to find the security room to get the security tapes, while the others go up to Sharp’s room.  There, Jack is in charge of getting all of the files off of Sharp’s computer, with Boy Blue and Bigby finding Sharp and any physical evidence.  They get all of the physical evidence that is there, but Jack discovers that Sharp backed up his files at an off-site location.  However, Jack has an alternate plan.

Bluebeard wants to kill Sharp and get over with it, questioning Bigby’s ferocity, but Bigby intimidates him enough so that he backs down.  They take the still-sleeping Tommy Sharp and Briar Rose out of the building, and back to Fabletown.  In private, Bluebeard expresses his disgust and desire to remove Bigby.  Prince Charming goes to wake up Briar Rose with a kiss, but is unable to do so because he no longer loves her.  Flycatcher, once being a prince and fond of Briar Rose, is able to wake her up.  Bigby confronts Tommy Sharp, and convinces him that they bit him, and now can control him whenever they choose to.  Bigby also blackmails Sharp with pictures they took of him and Pinocchio, who was dressed as a young boy.  Upset by what these pictures could do to his life, Sharp agrees to never expose the “vampire” community.  Prince Charming moves in with Briar Rose under the guise that he wants to repay her for the things he did wrong to her, but really, it’s because he discovered from Flycatcher that one of the fairy blessings on her causes her to always be wealthy.  The story ends with Bluebeard meeting Sharp in a park, and shooting him.

In this story, we get more of Bigby in charge, and the hatred that exists in Bluebeard comes into clearer view.  We get more of Prince Charming being an opportunistic dick, while also being a little helpful.  Jack is shown being a fairly helpful character, while Boy Blue is still relegated to background work.  Finally, Flycatcher being a former prince is something that is introduced here, and it is further explained in later stories why an ex-prince chooses to have continual community service to do.

Up next:  A Storybook Love


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