Countdown to Fables #100: A Storybook Love

It’s Friday, and that means that it’s time for the next edition of our countdown to the release of Fables #100.  If you’re new to this, every Tuesday and Friday I will be re-visiting  each story in Fables.  This will last until issue #100 is released in November.  Today’s story is “A Storybook Love.”  Bigby and Snow get tricked and have to fight for their life, while Prince Charming begins his search for power.  Of course, the recap is below the break, and of course, there are spoilers.

A Storybook Love

Issues #14-17
Art by Mark Buckingham

While Snow White is trying to show Bigby Wolf that she has recovered enough from getting shot in “Animal Farm” to be able to be on her own again, Bigby updates her on what has been going on.  We find out that Bigby has 3 field operatives somewhere in the world, Rose Red is running the farm well and has broken up with Jack, and Bigby is still trying to hook up with Snow.  Bluebeard and Prince Charming put on a fencing exhibition at a school, in which Bluebeard wins 5 to 0.  While this is going on, a Mounted Police Officer, Wilfred, and his mouse, Corporal Rex, are spying around Bluebeard’s office.  After Bluebeard returns home, they find him conversing with Goldilocks after the two of them have had “relations.”  Having overheard the two of them talk about some secret plan, the Mounted Police, try to escape but are spotted by Goldilocks.  Corporal Rex is killed by Bluebeard’s goblin butler, but Wilfred is able to escape.  Bluebeard decides to put his plan into motion.  Bluebeard summons Snow and Bigby, and uses a potion to convince them to go away on a vacation.  Bluebeard then gives instructions to Goldilocks on when and how to kill them.

A few days later, Bigby and Snow come to their senses, and find themselves camping somewhere in Washington state.  Bigby becomes immediately worried, and starts taking him and Snow away from the camp.  They reach their rental car, and begin driving away, only to have a tire shot out, sending the car over a cliff.  Snow comes out uninjured, but she has to set Bigby’s broken arm, before he can transform into wolf form and heal himself.  After he transforms, they run as far as they can that day.  When they stop to rest, Snow asks Bigby about their being only one tent and sleeping bag, and if they slept together.  Bigby says that he doesn’t think so, and suspects he slept outside as a wolf.  Snow then asks Bigby why he’s interested in her.  Back in Fabletown, Bluebeard, Boy Blue, and Prince Charming discover 3 more Mounted Police.  They decide that they need to investigate what they are doing in Fabletown.  Despite Bluebeard’s objections, Prince Charming takes the investigation with the blessing of King Cole.  Back at Briar Rose’s house, Prince Charming questions the Mounted Police on the whereabouts of Wilfred, who is shown fighting Mundy rats.

Bigby explains to Snow that since he first met her, he’s been attracted to her scent, and after spending years learning how to block out the smells of everything going on in the city, he’s unable to block her.  Bigby goes on to explain that he always knows exactly what  type of mood she’s in, which is usually unhappy.  The conversation upsets Snow, and they move on to the business at hand.  Snow hides away under some rocks, while Bigby uses power given to him by his father, the North Wind, to blow down a path in the forest on top of Goldilocks.  This doesn’t kill her, but it does give Bigby the chance to surprise her.  Back in Fabletown, Prince Charming confronts Bluebeard and challenges him to a duel to the death.  Prince Charming is doing this because he’s learned of Bluebeard’s plan to kill Bigby, and he wants to save Bigby for Snow, as a noble gesture.  And, there’s also the matter of Bluebeard’s fortune.  After a long fight, Prince Charming is able to kill Bluebeard.

Before Bigby is able to attack her, Goldilocks is able to get him down, temporarily, with several rifle shots, one through the mouth.  As Goldilocks starts preparing a fire to burn Bigby, Snow puts a hatchet into the back of her head.  However, since Goldilocks is a well-known fable, this doesn’t kill her.  She stumbles on, but Snow hits her several times with a crowbar, sending her over a cliff, and getting hit by a semi.  After getting some rest so Bigby can heal, they catch a flight back to New York.  In the airport, Snow tells Bigby that she’d be willing to give him a chance if he was able to take things slowly.  However, some time later, Snow finds out that she’s pregnant.  She calls Bigby over to yell at him, and he admits that even though he had no memory of it happening, he knew all along, but didn’t want to upset her.  She demands to be left alone.  After killing Bluebeard, Prince Charming carries the body into the Woodland office, to dump it down the witching well.  King Cole initially thinks that there should be some type of hearing, but is convinced to brush it aside when Prince Charming informs him that all of Bluebeard’s wealth goes to the city.  Later on, Prince Charming talks with Hobbes, Bluebeard’s former goblin butler, about the election laws of Fabletown.

This story nicely put a cap on the first set of stories.  The main antagonists, Bluebeard and Goldilocks, have been definitively dealt with.  Prince Charming has moves on from his early goofing off phase, and is now seeking control of Fabletown.  Bigby and Snow’s relationship has gone through the early feeling out phase, and has to move onto something more serious, as they deal with Snow’s pregnancy.

Up next, The Barleycorn Brides


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