Countdown to Fables #100: Cinderella Libertine

Welcome to this Friday’s installment of the Countdown, where I am recapping every story that has appeared in Fables on Tuesday and Friday until issue #100 comes out on November 24th.  Today’s story is titled “Cinderella Libertine.”  In this story, Cinderella reveals who she really is.  As always, there are spoilers after the break.

Cinderella Libertine

Issue #22
Art by Tony Akins

Snow White, Briar Rose, and Cinderella gathered for a dinner, and end up talking their ex-husband Prince Charming.  Cinderella claims to be the one of them that he hurt the most, because by the time he got to her, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stay with her.  At least they were still princesses, and have their standing in society.  She went back to being a peasant, and now owns a failing shoe shop.  Cinderella gets angry, and storms out, saying that she is going to blow the rest of her money in Paris before her creditors find her.

In Paris, Cinderella tells someone one the phone that Briar and Snow bought her act, and their plan is on schedule.  She then meets Ichabod Crane at the door.  They embrace, but Cinderella is upset Crane doesn’t like being called Icky.  Crane apologizes, tells her that he is selling out Fabletown for her, and they embrace again.  Cinderella looks over the documents that Crane brought, and has him sign something.  Cinderella tells Crane that when her master’s forces move in, he will be the imperial governor of Fabletown, and she will be by his side.  Crane suggests that they get married now, but Cinderella says that the Adversary/Emperor has promised her an extravagant wedding.  Cinderella forces Crane into the shower, then calls her master, tells him the document is signed, and they’ll be out of the room for an hour.

Walking by a canal, they talk about why Crane is betraying Fabletown.  He says that he used to be deputy mayor, until his assistant, Snow White, forced him out of the position with false accusations that he tried to kiss her and embezzled community funds.  Cinderella promises Crane that when the Emperor takes over Fabletown, he can deal with Snow as he sees fit.  Crane wants Cinderella to tell him her story about why she’s with the Emperor, but she doesn’t want to in public.  So, they head back to the hotel.

As they enter the hotel room, Crane tries to be passionate with Cinderella again, but she tells him that the engagement is off, and Crane should meet her boss.  Bigby Wolf is standing in the room, reading over the documents Crane brought.  Crane tries to convince Bigby that he was the one that was actually working undercover to try to figure out who was working for the Adversary.  Bigby sends Cinderella out of the room, and kills Crane.  Cinderella asks why Crane couldn’t be put on trial.  Bigby tells her that they couldn’t try Crane, because then he would have to reveal that she worked for him, and he would like to keep her a secret for now.

A couple stories back, we saw Bigby mention needing money for his spies, and now we finally meet one of them.  Here, we see that Cinderella is a pretty good spy, and able to perform her job well.

Up next, War Stories


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