Month: September 2010

Riverdale politics

Keep in mind that both are married.

Some things are simply too horrible for words.

This is one of those things.


Countdown to Fables #100: Sons of Empire

Welcome to today’s entry to the Countdown to Fables #100, where on Tuesday and Friday I recap a story told within the pages of Fables.  This happens every Tuesday and Friday up until issue #100 is released on November 24th.  Today’s story is titled “Sons of Empire.”  In this story, the Adversary/Emperor discusses how they are going to respond to Bigby’s attack.  The identity of the Adversary/Emperor does appear in the recap, which is after the break.  (more…)

Something Weird With Image Solicitations

On a whim, I decided to browse the Image solicits for December.  I do read a couple Image books after all.  (One of which, Mice Templar, happens to be returning in December.)  As I’m scrolling through, one particular solicit caught my eye, Spawn #210.  Normally, I wouldn’t think anything about it.  I don’t read Spawn, so I wouldn’t know what number it was currently on.  However, I did recall that I had seen something on Comic Book Resources Twitter feed about someone finishing up something on Spawn #199.  So, I did a little research and discovered the Spawn #199 hit shelves on 9/9.  That issue was originally scheduled to be released on 12/23/09.

My question is why bother to still be soliciting new issues each month that have a date on them that you know you will not meet?  Issue #210 is scheduled to be released on 12/22.  There’s no way in hell that 11 issues are going to come out between now and then.  So what’s the point?  What’s the point in releasing new solicits for a book that is already over 8 months behind?  Would it be so bad to let yourself get caught up, and then start soliciting new issues again with realistic release dates?

It should also be noted that Spawn isn’t the only book with solicits with release dates the book will never reach.  Invincible is about 3 months behind, and still soliciting as if it were on schedule.  I know the ongoing joke is that anything Image is going to be late, but I just don’t see the point of intentionally setting things up to be late.  And that’s the end of this little rant.

Countdown to Fables #100: Big and Small

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another entry into my Countdown to Fables #100.  The countdown is my excuse to re-read all of Fables before issue #100 is released on November 24th.  I had wanted to re-read everything, in figured I might as well share it with the rest of you, to expose you to a book that you might otherwise be unaware.  Today’s story is titled “Big and Small.”  In this story, Cinderella tries to establish a treaty with the Cloud Kingdoms while dealing with their culture and time restraints.  There is no mention of the Adversary’s identity.  The story recap is after the break.  (more…)

Good Bye Green Lantern Corp

Dear Green Lantern Corp,

I’m sorry, but I think it’s time for us to part ways.  But it’s not you, it’s me.  Peter Tomasi and Tony Bedard have been fine writes, and have told lovely stories within your pages.  And I’ve had no problems with the art in the book.  The problem is that I’m just not interested in you anymore.

I had picked you up shortly before the beginning of Blackest Night, because I wanted the whole story.  Or at least as much as I was willing to play for.  And during Blackest Night, you were a good companion.  I was interested in what was going on during the event.  However, the event had to end at some point, and so to the emotional stories that came with it.  I did have thoughts about leaving you then, but I didn’t.  I gave you one more story, and if you could keep my interest in the story, then I would stay with you.  But, you didn’t.

While I was thinking about, trying to figure out why I wasn’t interested, I realized that I just don’t care about Kyle Rayner.  He’s not my Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is.  Hal Jordan was Green Lantern when I first started reading comics, and he will always be who I identify as Green Lantern.  I don’t really care enough about any other Green Lantern to follow them for an extended amount of time.

And so, Green Lantern Corp, I bid you a fond farewell.  Maybe one day our paths will cross again.  But until then, I hope you’re read by people who are able to appreciate you.

Best wishes,

J. R.

Countdown to Fables #100: Happily Ever After

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of my twice weekly Countdown to Fables #100.  Here, I am counting down to the release of Fables #100 on November 24th by recapping on every story that’s been told in Fables on Tuesday and Thursday.  Today’s story was actually the 50th issue, and is titled “Happily Ever After.”  In this story, Bigby Wolf tries to complete a mission for Prince Charming so that he may try to see his kids.  The recap appears a bit differently than usual.  Normally, I try to break the paragraphs up by issues.  But with today’s recap, the story was broken up into small chapters within the issue, so that is how you see it here.  The Adversary is mentioned by name here.  The story recap (with spoilers) appears after the break.  (more…)