Comic Book Movie Review: The Losers

Directed by Sylvain White

Written by Peter Berg & James Vanderbilt

Jeffery Dean Morgan as Clay
Zoe Saldana as Aisha
Chris Evans as Jensen
Idris Elba as Rogue
Columbus Short as Pooch
Oscar Jaenada as Cougar
Jason Patric as Max

The Losers is about a Special Ops group that gets betrayed while on a mission in Bolivia.  Back home, they are pronounced dead, and are blamed for the deaths that they did not cause.  While make a life for themselves in Bolivia in order to survive, they encounter Aisha, who offers them a chance to go home, and find the person that betrayed them.  Their adventures lead them into encounters with the U. S. Army, a private security force on the streets of Miami, and ultimately, back to the person that betrayed them.

Overall, I liked the movie.  I thought it had a nice cast of characters, aptly played by the actors.  I felt that the action scenes were enjoyable and the dialogue was engaging.  There were not any moments where I felt like the movie was just plodding along.  Yes, there is room for some more background information on the characters, but sometimes you just got go with what you can get.  You don’t always need to know why exactly the characters are where they are.  You can just accept that they are there, and this is what’s going on.  In the story, their characterization is clearly apparent, and that is all that is needed for this story.

This movie is based on the comic written by Andy Diggle and drawn by Jock.  It was published by Vertigo, and ran for 32 issues from August 2003 to March 2006.  I’ve never read it, but I may check out the trades of it now.  The only thing I have read that was written by Diggle was Green Arrow:  Year One, and I did enjoy that.

In closing, I recommend that you see The Losers.  It’s an enjoyable, well-acted action movie.

Hey look, it's Captain America!

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