New comic day hangover

This week we have…

Booster Gold #36 in which Booster fights the semantics of time travel.

Justice League: Generation Lost #9 in which we’ve developed something of a pattern.

New Mutants #17 in which the team spends a few weeks in the course of an hour.

X-Factor #209 in which the team hits Vegas.

X-Force: Sex and Violence #3 in which I spent $4 on a comic I didn’t even want.

and X-Men #3 in which Dracula returns.

The reviews will proceed after the jump and thar shall be SPOILERS beyond.

Booster Gold
We’re still in our fun-filled trip to the past, but despite the cover, there is no plot progress on the hunt for Maxwell Lord.  Instead, Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis have taken the opportunity to send Booster on a star-spanning trip through the past with his now-deceased best friend Blue Beetle.  Despite Booster wearing his old costume’s goofy popped collar, pretty much everyone has recognized that he’s actually from the future, mainly from the repeated gag that Booster’s hair is thinning.

The obvious factor of this story – that Big Barda politely points out – is that no matter how the storyline plays out, all will turn out right in the end since Booster’s future is set as so.  Unfortunately, that means that Beetle will eventually make it home safe so he can eventually be shot in the head by Max Lord.  But that’s the underlying theme.  The story itself is a laugh riot in which Beetle seduces and sleeps with an immortal alien empress, only to learn that she’s been “waiting until marriage” and wants to wed Beetle for eternity.  When he tries to duck out of the situation, she transforms him into a chipmunk.  Booster comes back, finds him, then they both get arrested by Darkstars.  So there we are.

This storyline is obviously just Giffen and DeMatteis having as much fun as they possibly can with a Booster and Beetle story without the fear of permanent ramifications.  Eventually, Booster and Beetle will make it home and that will be that.  At least they took a moment to show where it fits in with what’s going on with Justice League: Generation Lost as Booster takes a second to come home, head over to the other book, then returns to the mission.  Of course it doesn’t actually work, but it’s more of a thumb to the nose at the fans, since Booster Gold can’t possibly spend an entire year hanging around waiting for the other to end.  Well, besides stories like this, that is.

Justice League: Generation Lost
As mentioned above, this book has hit a formula.  Basically, the JLI gets a lead on Max Lord, follows it, barely misses him, then tries again.  Max makes the rather foolish move of confronting the team at home, then is forced to flee from them.  The book is still two months from hitting its midway point, but it seem to have lost its general purpose.  I understand that it’s the JLI hunting Max Lord, but after just 9 of 26 issues, I’m ready for them to just catch him already.  There’s a brewing problem with Ice not wanting anything to do with the whole superhero world – but being that Ice hasn’t been a relevant character in over a decade it’s hard to get excited about it.  The final page of the issue brings in JSA character (and Kingdom Come tie-in) Magog, which still doesn’t get me going.

New Mutants
We’re already to part 3 of the so-called “Fall of the New Mutants” and still not a whole lot has happened.  Pixie has been kidnapped for her soul dagger, which would concern me more if she wasn’t simultaneously appearing in two other X-Men titles.  Magik takes the team (sans Warlock, not wanting to reintroduce the TO virus) through Limbo to get her back, so the New Mutants take weeks to catch up to the bad guys and show up just in time for the Big Fight.  In the process, all the Mutants look scraggily and Sunspot appears to have a scar over his eye.  To put it mildly, not a whole lot happens this issue.

To my interest, the opening pages deal with the kiss between Cannonball and Mirage from two issues ago.  In the drinking party, Cannonball mentioned that his ex-girlfriend Lila Cheney was not a good kisser.  When Mirage doubted his kissing prowess, Cannonball agreed for her to serve as an impartial judge, and the two shared a seemingly passionate embrace.  The story got in the way, so I’m sure we’ll be coming back to this.  Personally, this is far more interesting than the Limbo story – but that’s just me.

Last issue, Madrox was the only person unaware that he was working for Hela, so when he unwittingly caused Pip the Troll to be recaptured by her he decided to head to Las Vegas to make things right.  Unfortunately, he has no idea how to find Hela, so his team spends their time simply doing whatever.  Well, the team except for the newly returned (and very pregnant) Wolfsbane as well as her baby daddy (not really but he doesn’t know) Rictor and the still-recovering M.  But that’s not important.

The key player in this mission is actually Longshot, who apparently can only utilize his luck for the benefit others, begins breaking the bank in casinos all over the city to get Hela’s attention.  Just what the team plans to do once they confront Hela is still a mystery, but that’s for next issue.  This one has been perfectly entertaining.

X-Force: Sex & Violence
I honestly only have this issue because I didn’t look at the issues in my pull pile until after I paid for them and got to my car.  Since I don’t have issue #2, I’ll hold off.

The X-Men have successfully gathered Dracula’s head and body in the one-shots and the vampire lord is back less than six months after the Death of Dracula event.  Basically, the X-Men want Dracula to take out the new vampire threat, but Dracula’s not quite so crazy about playing nice with the team.  The other plot is Wolverine is sent (alone, for plot purposes) to retrieve Jubilee.  Unfortunately, he’s unaware that Jubilee actually willingly went and got herself bitten, transforming her fully into a vampire.  She stages capture and plays the damsel in distress, distracting Wolverine long enough to bite him and transform him into a vampire.

I think Curse of the Mutants is the perfect example of how event fatigue is affecting me.  I meant to pick up both the Storm & Gambit and Smoke & Blood one-shots, but simply have not been able to get myself motivated to do so.  In fact, I think event fatigue is the major contributing factor in my comic purchases becoming an every other week event.  Any event involving Wolverine most certainly isn’t going to stick since he appears in like 20 other titles.  The only question in this entire story is whether Jubilee will come out of it as a vampire.  And I simply don’t care.

Next Week

  • Justice League: Generation Lost #10 likely sees the team corner Max Lord only for him to get away.
  • Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #3 finally comes out and I’ll probably not like the art.
  • Uncanny X-Men #528 continues the setup for Generation Hope.

I’m going to try to actually pull this bit off two weeks in a row.


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