Countdown to Fables #100: Wolves

Welcome to the 17th entry in the Countdown to Fables #100.  This twice weekly recap of every story that has appeared within the pages of Fables happens on Tuesday and Friday.  Today’s story is titled “Wolves.”  In today’s story, Mowgli continues his search for Bigby Wolf.  While the Adversary/Emperor is shown in the comic, I do not refer to them by name in my recap.  The story recap (with spoilers) is after the break.


Issues #48-49
Art by Mark Buckingham

Mowgli’s search for Bigby Wolf leads him into Russia.  After unable to get any information out of the townspeople, Mowgli realizes that he should be talking to the nearby wolves, being that Bigby could have traveled and lived as a wolf when he came through the area.  However, the local wolves are not receptive to Mowgli, say that even though he is able to communicate with them, he is not one of them.  In order to become one of them so that they will give him information, he challenges the pack leader for control.  Mowgli is able to kill the pack leader, but suffers some injuries himself.  After spending two weeks in town receiving medical attention, he returns to the pack.  The wolves tell him that a Wolf God was with them over the summer, and led them on many hunts.  However, the Wolf God disappeared during a massive wind storm.  After hearing about the wind, Mowgli realizes he’s not considered one form of travel that Bigby could have done, and takes a boat to Alaska.  On the Farm, Snow White’s cubs are taking pictures to show Bigby when he returns.  Later, they are seen hunting for the remains of Shere Khan, talking about how their mommy killed him.  Unable to transform into wolf form, they have difficulty doing any tracking.  One of them hears something, and they hide behind a rock.  Out jumps Rose Red wearing a tiger mask and claws.  A few of them get startled and turn into wolves.  Rose tells them they all failed the test, because they needed to be able to go 30 days without transforming in order to leave the Farm.

Mowgli arrives in Alaska, despite the objections from the pilot that was dropping him off.  He enjoys being out in the wilderness, until he realizes that he is being hunted.  A pack of wolves surrounds him.  He tries to introduce himself, but they ignore his message.  The also tell him that they will not recognize their customs for him since he is not actually a wolf.  As they are about to attack Mowgli, something in the wind tells them to take him to their leader.  Mowgli finds out that their leader is a great wolf god.  After traveling for a couple of days, they come up to a cabin.  Mowgli finds Bigby inside drinking.  Mowgli informs Bigby that Prince Charming has a mission for him, and has found a way for Bigby to live with Snow and his cubs.  Before they can discuss more, Bigby’s “better half” walks in the door.  Mowgli and Bigby talk outside.  Mowgli tells Bigby how he found him.  Bigby tells Mowgli how he’s been living here, that Sarah Tanaraq does not know about his true nature, and that she just thinks he has some connection with the local wolves.  Mowgli talks with Sarah, and lets slip that Bigby has some mission he needs to do.  She thinks he’s a government agent, and Mowgli allows this belief to continue.  Mowgli leaves them alone while Bigby makes his decision.  Later that night, Bigby exits the cabin, and they leave together.  On The Farm, Mr. North notices a change in the wind, and decides that it is time for him to leave.  In the Homelands, the Emperor also notices a change in the winds.  In the middle of the night on The Farm, Snow is awoken by the head of Colin the pig.  He tells her that she will not likely see him again, because things are going to get better for her.

So, after 20 or so issues, Bigby is finally found.  The exact timing isn’t really clear.  That might be a project for a later day.  But anyways, the big thing to take away from this story is that Bigby has been found, and that he is returning to Fabletown.  So, Mowgli will now be able to get Bagheera’s freedom.  Prince Charming’s mission for Bigby is still unknown, but that will be revealed in the next story.

Up next, Happily Ever After


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