Countdown to Fables #100: Big and Small

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another entry into my Countdown to Fables #100.  The countdown is my excuse to re-read all of Fables before issue #100 is released on November 24th.  I had wanted to re-read everything, in figured I might as well share it with the rest of you, to expose you to a book that you might otherwise be unaware.  Today’s story is titled “Big and Small.”  In this story, Cinderella tries to establish a treaty with the Cloud Kingdoms while dealing with their culture and time restraints.  There is no mention of the Adversary’s identity.  The story recap is after the break. 

Big and Small

Issue #51
Art by Shawn McManus

Cinderella is up in the cloud kingdoms trying to negotiate a treaty between the Cloud Kingdoms and Fabletown.  She runs into a delay when the acting king comes down with an ear infection.  The local doctor, Jolimump, says that due to his great incantations, the king should be well within a month or two.  Cindy doesn’t want to risk waiting that long, because the giant kings never remain in power for very long, because they don’t like the added duties without extra benefits.  Cindy tricks her way to examine the king for herself, much to Jolimump’s displeasure.  She begs King Rumbold to remain king until she is able to return.  She parachutes back to the ground to return to Fabletown.  In Fabletown, Cindy meets with Dr. Swineheart to get the medicine she needs to cure the king.  Swineheart tells her it’ll take three days to instruct her on how to install a drainage tube, but she doesn’t have that much time.  Cindy then sees Frau Totenkinder to get a potion that will shrink her down enough to get into the giant’s ear, but is told it will take three days.  She doesn’t have that much time, so she takes something that will have the same basic effect.

Cindy is also told it’ll take her three days to train on how to enter Smalltown, but she tells Rose Red that she doesn’t have three days, and won’t be tall anyways when she enters.  Cindy takes the potion Totenkinder gave her, and becomes a small mouse.  On her way to Smalltown, she encounters a mounted cop.  Already annoyed, Cindy essentially threatens them with a lifetime of solitude if she has to explain why she needs to pass, so they let her pass.  In Smalltown, she recruits the town doctor, and takes him up to the cloud kingdoms on the back of a bird, so they can get there in a matter of hours and not days.  They sneak into the king’s bedroom, and apply the cure without alarming anyone.  With the king cured, they are able to negotiate and sign the treaty, after Cindy transforms back into herself, unfortunately for her, in front of everyone and without her clothes.  When she returns to Fabletown, she fills Prince Charming and Beast of her success and request to never be put on a diplomatic mission again.

What you need to take away from this story is that Cinderella is still someone that can get anything she wants done, and that Fabletown has a treaty with the Cloud Kingdoms.  Yes, they had used the clouds for Bigby’s mission, but that was dealing with one kingdom.  This is a treaty with all of the Cloud Kingdoms.  Overall, this was a fairly light story.  If you hadn’t noticed, Willingham likes to throw in a small light story between bigger, more serious stories.  The past few stories have been pretty serious, and after this, things get serious again.  So this was a chance to take a break, and relax things a bit.

Up next, Sons of Empire


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