Countdown to Fables #100: Father and Son

Welcome to today’s entry to the Countdown to Fables #100, where on Tuesday and Friday I recap a story told within the pages of Fables.  This will happen up until issue #100 is released on November 24th.  Today’s story is titled “Father and Son.”  In this story, the Snow White and Bigby Wolf take the cubs to see Mr. North and unknowingly find themselves in a dangerous situation.  The identity of the Adversary/Emperor does appear in the recap, which is after the break. 

Father and Son

Issues #57-58
Art by Michael Allred

Snow White, Bigby Wolf and their cubs all take a trip to visit Mr. North using the magic carpet to fly there, again showing Bigby’s fear of heights.  They all arrive at Mr. North’s castle.  To please the cubs Mistral and Mr. North agree to focus one of the scrying pools onto a television in the mundy world.  While Snow is warming up by a father, she tells Bigby that he needs to go speak with his father.  On his way, Bigby tells the cubs to quit watching television and sends them on a mission.  He tells them to fly down to the forest, and make their first kill, chasing the animal long enough to know that it’s mundane.  Bigby is still holding onto his hatred of Mr. North for leaving his mother to die, and has failed in seven previous attempts to kill him.  Bigby promises him that there won’t be an eighth failed attempt.  Mr. North asks if Bigby only came to threaten him.  Bigby tells him that he came because the cubs like their grandfather, and to bring Fabletown’s request for an alliance, even though he is against it.  Since the protection of Fabletown benefits his grandchildren and that it would vex Bigby, Mr. North agrees.  Near the Imperial City, Pinocchio gives his father Geppetto a gift for his birthday.  It’s a wooden bug that was carved from some unburned scrap from the magic grove.  Geppetto slapped Pinocchio, saying only he can carve that wood.  Back at Mr. North’s castle, Snow, Bigby and North are about to have dinner when Bigby tells them that he sent the cubs on a mission in the woods.  North is shocked he did this without consulting him first, because there are monsters in the woods.  In the woods, Ambrose hears voices coming from a cave asking for help.  He separates from his siblings, and enters the caves to find a pack of monsters wanting to eat him.

Ambrose, unable to fully use his powers when afraid is still able to escape the cave, and flee into the woods.  The other cubs, having caught a pig they were chasing kill it to silence it.  They then notice Ambrose is gone, and try to find him.  Instead, they find one of the monsters and surround it.  Three of the other monsters are able to find Ambrose, but Bigby comes in and fights them.  Back in the castle, Snow asks Mr. North why he won’t help, and he says he can’t because there are other things to consider.  The other three monsters join in on the fight with Bigby, and Ambrose runs away to find his siblings.  They take cover during what is a fierce battle.  When the wind dies down, the cubs venture out, and find Bigby standing over what are now 6 wolves.  He says he’s tamed them, and that they are his older brothers.  Back at the castle, he gets on Mr. North for not doing anything about them or try to help his good children.  As punishment for their actions, his brothers are turned into goldfish, and are taken back to Wolf Valley with them as pets.

There is a bit of background information in this story.  We finally realize why Bigby hates his father, and we are also introduced to Bigby’s brothers.  The only other thing to remember is the promise to train zephyrs that Mr. North made.  Bigby’s power and fighting ability isn’t really anything new, and we already knew about what the cubs are capable of.

Up next, Burning Questions

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