New Comic Day hangover

Light haul this week.

  • New Mutants #18 in which our heroes face an unlikely blast from the past.
  • And X-Factor #210 in which we go to something completely different.

There is a lot of stuff past the jump, and it’s got SPOILERS in it.  Beware.

New Mutants
We’ve made it to the penultimate chapter of the Fall of the New Mutants storyline, but with the revelation we get this issue, I’m thinking a better title for it would have been Sons of Inferno.  But really, that’s just nitpicking.  When last we left our heroes, they were being attacked by a strange group of super-powered youths.  This issue is one big fight scene, as we get each member of the team being laid out one-by-one (except for Cypher who gets himself mind controlled).  That’s not quite as important as the big reveal – that their opponents are the grown up versions of the so-called “Inferno babies”.  That’s actually very neat, though you have to be up on obscure X-trivia to pick it up.

Back during the late-’80s crossover Inferno, the New Mutants and the “X-Terminators” (don’t ask) dealt with a number of kidnapped babies.  Don’t fact-check me here, but I’m pretty sure that they were either originally orphans or their parents were killed during the demonic invasion of New York.  After all the fighting was done, X-Factor took care of the babies, turned them into the “authorities” and that’s the last we heard of them.  And that was over 20 years ago.  This issue tells us their fate – that the children served as subjects to government experiments that granted them fantastic abilities, but also made them psychotic killing machines.  And here’s where we are.

Next issue will likely be the “breaking out of capture” and another big fight, and if the solicitations are to be believed, then not all the New Mutants may walk out of this one.  If anyone was going to go down, I’d pick Sunspot or Magma, though I really hope I’m wrong.  I’d hate to see any of this team leave the book.  It’s bad enough what they did with Wolfsbane.  Oh, speaking of which…

Last issue ended with a cliffhanger as the Las Vegas team ended up being confronted by minions of Hela.  If you were looking to see what happened, you’re going to have to wait another month, as this issue instead focuses on the three members of the team who didn’t make the teip to Vegas – namely Rictor, Wolfsbane and M.  Wolfsbane is still going with the lie that Rictor is the father of her baby (it’s actually an Asgardian wolf prince who just so happens to be captured by the one who Madrox’s team is fighting) and trying to figure out what led him to his relationship with Shatterstar.  The two head to a doctor to get an ultrasound done, though due to Wolfsbane’s ‘condition’, it is not able to see anything through her skin.  Originally this was a result of her being modified by Elixir to support her Asgardian-bred child, they seem to be downplaying it more as a result of the child itself.  Being that no one has seen nor even mentioned Elxir since the end of Necrosha, that may not be accidental.

We also get the introduction of a new villain, which is an odd choice for the issue being that the main cast is in the middle of a fight scene.  A client asks M for some telepathic counseling to remove horrific images from her head.  M does as she’s asked, unaware that the images were not from a traumatic episode in combat, as she was told, but rather a mental block put into her head to prevent her from using her powers.  I have no idea where this is going, but being that it’s Peter David writing, I’m sure it will be good.  Because that’s what PAD does.

Next Week

  • Justice League: Generation Lost #12 with Ice going ker-aaaaazy!
  • Uncanny X-Men #528 with more lead up to the upcoming Generation Hope.
  • X-Men Legacy #241 with a rescue mission to save Rogue and Magneto!

See you next week!


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