The DEATH of Spider-Man? Again?

Marvel’s favorite trick as of late has been to toss-up a HUGE teaser image with no explanation attached and refuse to comment on it.  Over the past few weeks, they’ve certainly been busy, most notably with an image  of the Secret Avengers and Young Allies fighting Onslaught, and the mysterious Age of X teaser that becomes more disappointing with every character revealed on it.

Today’s latest installment came with the February Marvel section of Previews, featuring this not-so subtle image:

Beyond the fact that they will never, EVER kill off Spider-Man, this story was just done fairly recently, back in 2005’s ill-received The Other crossover.  And we didn’t believe he was actually dead then, either.

February looks to be a big month for Marvel, though I’m expecting it to be a disappointing month for many fans.  This one in particular will probably end up being another variation of “The End” story or yet another “Spider-Man dies, yet is reborn with new spider-based powers with a vague mystical explanation” that fans will initially bitch about, yet ultimately accept just in time to have them removed for the next variation of the same story.


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