Preview debut of Spider-Man muscial a cacophony of disaster

After innumerable delays and problems, the long-awaited Spider-Man $65 million Broadway musical, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” premiered on Sunday to a preview audience…and it was a disaster.  Not so much “building burns down and hundreds die” disaster, but more like “an ongoing stream of unfortunate events” disaster.

Incidents that left the audience confused, flustered, and in some cases downright angry included:

  • The actress singing the opening number was left hanging over the crowd for several minutes after her song ended.
  • Mary Jane was supposed to be rescued from atop the Chrysler Building, but the building appeared missing pieces and without Mary Jane atop it.  Minutes later, Spider-Man swung in carrying her.
  • Spider-Man was supposed to swing away to end the first act, but a snag left the actor swinging back and forth over the crowd as stage hands tried to grab his feet and pull him back down.
  • The Green Goblin had to stall with the intro to his piano number as stage workers fixed faulty equipment before finally starting his song.

So not a very good night for this seemingly cursed show.  Of course, anyone paying to go see a Spider-Man musical can’t be expecting too much in the field of quality.  But better than this, most likely.


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