Countdown to Fables #100: Dark City

Welcome to the final entry to the Countdown to Fables #100.  For the past several months, I’ve gone through all stories that were revealed in the first 99 issues of Fables, along with some others.  Tomorrow, issue number 100 will finally be released.  If you’re new to the countdown, an archive of all previous entries can be found under our Special Features menu.  Today’s story is titled “Dark City.”  In this story, Mr. Dark continues to shape New York City, even after a message is delivered to him.  The story, complete with spoilers (of course), is after the break. 

Dark City
Issue #99
Art by Inaki Miranda

In the former Fabletown, Mr. Dark continues to have his witherlings build his magnificent castle, while also tormenting their memories.  Mr. North arrives, and delivers a message to Mr. Dark that Totenkinder plans to challenge him in single combat.  Elsewhere in the city, Ozma’s cat, still spying on Mr. Dark discovers that everyone that Mr. Dark has turned into a witherling had some contact with a Fable.  Sometimes, it was just a fleeting moment.  Mr. North returns to Totenkinder/Bellflower, and tells her that he delivered her message to Mr. Dark.  In return for this favor, Bellflower confirms for Mr. North that Snow White gave birth to a Zephyr.  At Mr. North’s castle, his servants instructed the cubs on how to become wind.

Up next, #100

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