Waaaaaait a second…

Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin has a monthly featured called the End of Civilization in which he peruses the newest issue of Previews and shares some of the more questionable things he finds.  It’s really a fun read.

This month, he posted this amongst his treasure trove:

Even before I scrolled down for Mike’s commentary on the image, I called BS on this one.  I know that Venom has had an ongoing series before.  I had an issue of Venom’s ongoing series, received amongst about 25 random comics received for ordering a certain amount from a company I no longer remember the name of back in 1996.

Looking it up, I have discovered that the nearly 20-issue run is being called a “limited series” rather than an ongoing.  I’m going to go ahead and call BS on this one.  A limited series is something that is planned for a certain length.  Calling a book like this such is like saying the original run of New Mutants was a 100-issue limited series.  It did, after all, end after 100 issues.

But really, how long do you think a book like this is going to last?  Neither Eddie Brock nor Mac Gargan are the host of the Venom symbiote any more.  Instead, this will be some kind of “black ops” Venom.  Does that sound interesting?  Perhaps this one has limited series classification in its near future.


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